The Work Stuff

Samantha, better known to us as Sammy, has been with The Missing Link for eleven years. She has worked her way through the ranks from her first role as Procurement and Customer Service to her current role as a Senior Project Coordinator for the Security division. In a nutshell, she’s responsible for ensuring the signed statement of work is delivered as expected; this encompasses everything from scheduling resources and finalising reports. She also dabbles in procurement and some administration tasks, in her words, “there is never a dull moment!”.

The Tech Stuff

When asked what her favourite thing about the IT industry is Sammy replied, “I love that it’s so fast paced and it’s always evolving. It baffles me that not that long ago people were sending telegrams to reach their loved ones and now we can facetime! It’s exciting and relevant and I love being a part of it.”

Her current favourite gadget is her FitBit – setting goals and challenging friends helps achieve her fitness goals. Her favourite app is Timehop, “I’m a very nostalgic person who loves looking over old memories. Getting a daily reminder of what I was doing this time X amount of years ago really brightens my day (or makes me cringe at what I used to wear/ and say on my Facebook status!).”

Without a doubt her most used emoji (mainly due to her hilarious friends on group chat) is the crying with laughter face: 😂

The Fun Stuff

Sammy enjoys the unique hobby of LARPing (Live Action Role Play), “which basically means I run around dressed as a Viking wielding a medieval weapon fighting other characters (Elves/ Dwarves/ Knights/ Orcs/ pirates etc) in battles.”

On a typical weekend she can be found somewhere around town with friends or family on Friday and Saturday nights; or doing something unique or road tripping with girlfriends. On Sundays, she volunteers as a Catering Assistant for the Exodus Foundation which feeds the homeless and disadvantaged.

If money were no object…. “I would be cruising the world with my family and friends, stopping off at pristine white sandy beaches with crystal clear water. We’d spend the day swimming with dolphins and whales and exploring the islands. At night, I would hire Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo) as my personal trainer for a quick training session before we all feast on the world’s finest foods and cocktails. We’d finish the night off around a beach bonfire playing board games and having a good laugh. (Because money was no object, I would also have someone check the island for snakes prior to us doing all this of course!)”


Bec Ney

Head of Marketing