Three essential actions for every CIO of digital organisations

Posted by Rudy Mitra on Mar 12, 2019 10:28:52 AM
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Three essential actions for every CIO of digital organisations

Are you a CIO looking to transform your digital organisation?

It’s challenging to keep ahead in the ever-changing world of IT, especially when you’re responsible for the technological and innovation directives in your business. Creating understanding and gaining buy-in at an executive level is vital for any business that wants to be able to move quickly in order to satisfy the changing needs and wants of your customers (both internal and external) in an increasingly digitally-focussed world.

Businesses like Woolworths and Coles with their online shopping offering and MYOB and their change from desktop to cloud software, are three great examples of businesses that have adapted to a digital world and met the changing needs of their customers. But regardless of size, any business can take a page out of their book and transform their business to become more digitally focussed.

To help your business become truly transformative, we’ve listed the most important actions you can take to ensure your business stays ahead of the competition.


Take a product-centric approach rather than a project-centric approach

More and more, businesses are finding that software is an essential element of day-to-day functions. Even businesses with traditional beginnings are finding that even if software is not the product they’re selling, it’s one of the enablers used to design, market or sell their products.

Additionally, IT departments have gone from being stand-alone business units, to integrated and powerful drivers of all areas of an organisation. With this practice now mainstream, operating in silo to approach software from a traditional project management stance is no longer feasible.


Embrace rapid technology innovation

There are few industries that move faster that IT. And as a CIO, there is nothing better than adopting new technologies and seeing the massive impact they have on a business. Machine learning, artificial intelligence and cloud are having a monumental impact on how organisations operate, automating processes and freeing up human resources for more meaningful tasks. Being the subject matter expert for these technologies and incorporating them into your toolkit allows for the development of a more digitally led business.

We live and breathe technology innovation and love talking to our clients about how they can create the ultimate solution that allows them to embrace the rapid change that is changing the game for Australian businesses. If you’d like an assessment of your business and feedback on how you can achieve your objectives, please get in touch.


Product life cycle management

Software (and technology innovation) is an agile creature. If you look at the technology you’re using to support the success of your business today, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be using the same combination in 12 months’ time.

Managing the product life cycle in a digital organisation is not just good business, it’s key in forward planning and ensuring you are able to support the business now and into the future. Software is iterative, and as the world changes quickly, you’ll need to have a plan to determine which upgrades will need to be made and when. At The Missing Link, we’re continually engaging with the right partners in order to provide the most relevant, up-to-date solutions for our clients.


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