Technology has always connected us, and now it is more important than ever. In every industry, from small-to-medium businesses to large enterprises, the way we work has dramatically changed. Work is no longer a place we go; it is what we do, and today’s workforce relies heavily on their devices and accessories to get work done anytime and from anywhere.

One of the biggest investments for most businesses is their people, so it makes sense to invest and manage end user devices to help employees to work more productively.

So, what do your end users and business really need from their modern devices? A remote workforce needs access to intelligent and secure devices; best of breed displays, accessories and Software, and 24/7 support to be productive – from anywhere.

However, the needs of end users are constantly evolving, and with it, the sheer volume and variety of devices in the workplace is increasing. As a result, businesses continue to be challenged with the time and complexity of managing and maintaining their Modern Devices.

The elephant in the room is an English idiom used to describe an issue or challenge that is left unaddressed, despite it often being well-known and prominent. Much like an elephant, the overwhelming need to radically simplify how businesses budget for, consume and manage their IT spend is almost impossible to ignore…but still, some businesses do – largely at the expense of their IT team.

On average, 22% of a business’ IT budget goes towards managing and maintain Modern Devices. Alongside this, Device Management has become a significant resource drain for IT departments as they adjust to managing a complex multi-device, multi-platform and multi-vendor environment. In fact, 50% of IT managers believe they spend too much time procuring and managing devices, and 63% say these resources could be used on other strategic IT projects.

Luckily, there’s a simple all-in-one solution.

The Missing Link’s Device-as-a-Service is an end-to-end solution aiming to reduce the complexity and costs of device procurement, deployment, management and support. Our flexible IT consumption models are designed to free your business from upfront IT spend, procurement ailments, and day-to-day management while enhancing scalability and access to the latest technology.

All of this is accomplished by having a single point of contact that maintains your hardware, software and support – with a predictable monthly payment plan that adapts and scales with your business.

Our team can find the right devices to suit your business requirements, so your team can work from anywhere with ease and efficiency. We partner with industry-leading device manufacturers like Dell to provide state-of-the-art fleets so your team can work flexibly and remotely with ease. From desktops, notebooks and workstations to servers and storage, we have access to the best and broadest hardware portfolio.

We don’t just stop there. Our highly trained team will securely enrol, install, monitor and refresh your business’ devices to take the burden of end-to-end lifecycle management off your IT team so that they can focus on more strategic IT projects.

Visit our website to find out how our team can help elevate the challenges of procuring, managing, and maintaining your end user devices.

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Taylor Cheetham

Campaign Manager