The aged care industry is going through an era of huge change and transformation.  

What are the changes affecting this crucial industry? Well, where do we start?! New business models, aged care reforms, technological disruption, the demand to meet an ageing population, and the pressure to meet the expectations of future generations.  

As this industry grows, and technology continues to evolve, aged care practitioners are increasingly seeing how technology can better support more positive patient outcomes, and a smoother business operation. Through our Managed IT services, The Missing Link can support your existing IT systems, with a combination of End User Management, Infrastructure Management, and IT Service Desk services.  

6 benefits of embracing technology in aged care  

So, let’s dig a little deeper into how technology can play a positive part in meeting the demands of today and tomorrow. What are the tangible benefits of Managed IT services?

1. Access 24x7 support for front line staff  

Aged care is a 24x7 service, offering nursing and medical services around the clock, whether in private care homes or with home-based clients. Aged care practitioners need to be confident they can rely on the technology used in their facility, even after ‘typical’ hours. This is where embracing a 24x7 help desk service really can save the day.    

If you want things to run smoothly and know that any issues can be resolved quickly, invest in round-the-clock IT help, and maximise your return on investment. At The Missing Link, our specialised IT help desk is available for all your aged care locations. Get real-time IT support when you need it – any time of day or night.  

2. Connect your users wherever they are  

A mobile workforce needs mobile infrastructure. With the right technology, you can unify and streamline all your business communication methods into a single productivity hub. 

Cloud technology enables a more mobile workforce simply by moving backend infrastructure and workloads onto the cloud and setting up collaboration tools - mobility is an essential part of connecting and communicating with anyone anywhere anytime. End-users can also connect wherever they are, including in their own home or from within a car facility. 

3. Protect your digital assets from potential data breaches 

Aged care providers will be subject to data security regulation and therefore need to secure and protect vast amounts of patient and staff data. Infrastructure management plans can ensure the security of your infrastructure, reduce costs and increase productivity. When set up correctly an infrastructure management plan can maintain, support, and secure your critical infrastructure, network and workloads. This not only keeps you in line with regulations but also protect your business from costly and embarrassing data breaches.  

4. Equip your end-users with the right devices 

Find the right devices needed to create a flexible and scalable workforce, as well as equip end-users with transformative technology. Aged care users (both those still living at home and those living in a care home) benefit from technology that allows for freedom of movement without staff supervision, such as movement-activated nightlights, motion sensors in bedrooms and other rooms used by people prone to fall. This can also include smartphones or alert buttons that give patients the opportunity to request and receive help in real-time. 

As for aged care practitioners, access to the latest software and handheld technologies can help with tasks, including administration and nursing care. This not only improves the level of care but also staff satisfaction. At The Missing Link, our team can find the right devices to suit your business requirements, ensure you have an effective network in place, secure your data, and look after your devices' ongoing management.  

5. Deeper patient insights  

Through technology, providers can offer a more personalised patient experience, empower an ageing population, and gain deeper patient insights. For example, if you can automate clinical processes, you reduce administrative burdens and boost efficiency, leaving practitioners with more time to focus on delivering better aged healthcare.  

Likewise, cloud-based solutions offer opportunities to collaborate and communicate more effectively, opening opportunities to gain deeper insights from patient data.  

6. Increase ROI  

Managed IT services help you increase ROI by: 

  • Allowing you to streamline your IT operations  
  • Giving you access to improved capabilities 
  • Reducing overhead costs whilst constantly improving your IT strategies 
  • Saving you time and resources  

You’ll also be able to access cutting-edge solutions. For example, at The Missing Link, we already have well-established relationships with vendors and can offer clients the best deals on software and hardware solutions. Meanwhile, when you have access to a 24x7 IT helpdesk, any issues are picked up early and resolved before they become an expensive problem.  

IT solutions to meet the demands of today and tomorrow  

Aged care as a sector will continue to grow as our aging population requires services. Those providers who are able to adapt to new challenges in a growing industry will enjoy smoother and more efficient processes, deeper patient insights, and be leaders in offering Australians more choice in their care, and greater independence in their experience.   

The Missing Link has the solutions you need. Through our Managed IT Services, we can help support healthcare for the aged care sector with smoother, more efficient processes, deeper patient insights and more connected, personalised patient care. 

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