The advantages of a paperless office are obvious: from saving time for the retrieval of physical documents to improving workforce collaboration, reducing costs for printing and storage and improving the security of information.  

The digital transformation journey, however, can be challenging as it involves change and establishing new habits. Even if organisations have come a long way with their digital experiences, signature processes can still be a pain point.  


Are you really making Microsoft Teams work for you? 

To move a step closer to a paperless office where all your tedious processes are automated, use the versatility of Microsoft Teams and combine it with Power Automate, Adobe Sign and SharePoint to step up your productivity a notch.  

Power Automate will boost your organisation’s productivity by giving everyone the ability to automate tedious, organisational processes.  

Teams is your integrated workplace solution. It can be your hub for effective collaboration, incredible productivity, seamless integration of your favourite apps and services, and effortless automation of time-consuming repetitive tasks.  

SharePoint and Office 365 have helped businesses on their journey to reduce and eliminate paper by delivering a myriad of features to choose from. Apart from the simple step to remove printers, you can also connect your meeting participants to SharePoint and introduce OneNote for action points and to-do lists. The co-authoring functionality alleviates the approval process of documents, as everyone is on the same page with revisions and updates. SharePoint also allows you to automate document storage. 


Add Adobe Sign to create seamless digital experiences 

Adobe Sign transforms manual processes into all-digital experiences. By incorporating the Adobe Sign functionality into your favourite applications, your employees can create, send and monitor agreements.  

Some of the key features of Adobe Sign include: 

  • Teams Integrated chat and e-signatures 
  • Work at digital speed and improve collaboration 
  • Track your document process in real-time - see which documents are out or waiting for signature using the Adobe Sign bot in Teams
  • Get notified when documents have been signed or send reminders to prompt others to sign
  • Sign on any device
  • Peace of mind with the highest level of authentication, global security standards and legal compliance

Paired with Microsoft Flow, Adobe Sign further allows the creation of intelligent document workflows. For example, every time a new employee joins the company email group, Flow can send a pre-written, automated greeting message to make the new team member feel welcome. There is also the option to create multiple flows and manage and review them through an app on a mobile device. 


How The Missing Link has streamlined business 

At The Missing Link, we are walking the talk and are using Microsoft Flow to automate the setup of a new account. Each time a new client joins us, our sales team needs to complete an account application. The automated process created with Flow pulls all relevant information from our website and posts it to Teams for our sales force.  

To streamline business further, we have integrated Adobe Sign. As a result, we get our documents signed faster and can deliver our new clients a seamless digital experience. The entire signing process can be tracked in-house within Teams. 


Want to ensure better security, collaboration, and automation within your company? Don't miss the opportunity to make most of Teams! To find out how to boost your productivity and what you can automate first, watch our short video. 


Taylor Cheetham

Campaign Manager