Is your organisation moving from cloud first to a cloud smart strategy?

While cloud computing has no doubt been a game-changer in the IT infrastructure landscape, most organisations have been implementing a cloud-first strategy, which can have limits with its "one-size-fits all" approach.

With cloud solutions and services evolving, organisations need to ensure their cloud strategy aligns with business objectives and offers value, while still accelerating their journey to the cloud.

The good news is there are now more options – and this is where cloud smart strategy comes in. Moving from cloud first to cloud smart offers organisations an opportunity to find and personalise the tools that will improve their unique set up, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Whether you’re looking at a public, private or hybrid cloud solution, the best outcomes come from carefully assessing all strategy areas, so let’s look at the key considerations and strategy areas to focus on to ensure you come out winning.


Keep calm and mind the gap

We all know that in many areas of life and business if there is a gap between expectations and reality, challenges and frustrations can arise.

Therefore, if you can be prepared to find ways to close the gap, you’ll be in a stronger position.

The key areas that gaps can appear are:

  • Expectations on performance and ability of cloud structures versus their actual capabilities
  • Expectations of staff to be able to execute versus realistic time and skill abilities
  • Expectations of the broader business strategy versus a cloud strategy
  • Expectations of being able to merge existing and new structures

Your first step should be to conduct a gap analysis. Identify all possible human and technological gaps in your strategy then address these appropriately.    


Prioritise the fever method

More and more, organisations are looking for holistic strategies that offer measurable efficiency.

Therefore, your focus and priority should be on setting a cycle of performance measurements – i.e. how to ensure your cloud smart infrastructure is: faster, easier, valuable and efficient. Then you simply repeat these qualifying conditions for every decision.  

Start by identifying all the benchmarks you currently have then focus on improving as you move towards a cloud smart strategy. If you are consistently checking what you implement is faster, easier, valuable and efficient, then you will be well on your way to a strong cloud computing strategy.


Keep it simple

Ever heard of the “keep it simple and safe,” or “KISS,” approach? Cloud infrastructures come with a dizzying array of features, add-ons, and designs; therefore, your best approach is a simple one!

Focus on the features that work best and concentrate on ticking off the most basic integrations.

It’s too easy to get caught up in the complexity of what’s on offer, which can compromise security and speed. Focus on a structure and strategy that matches the uniqueness of your organisation. This way, you can create a truly streamlined and tailored cloud smart strategy.


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Taylor Cheetham

Campaign Manager