SYDNEY, Australia — MAY 15, 2024 — The Missing Link, a leading provider of IT and cloud, cyber security and automation solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Cribl, the Data Engine for IT and Security. The partnership is set to transform operational efficiency and enhance data management for clients. It places a strong emphasis on data observability, ensuring the health and peak performance of client data systems.

By integrating Cribl's technology, The Missing Link will boost clients' data adaptability, governance, and value. Cribl’s platform streamlines the collection, processing, routing and analysis of IT and security data, simplifying complex tasks and mitigating the risk of data overload.

Matt Paull, Head of Channel & GTM Alliances APJ commented “Cribl is delighted to engage with The Missing Link, bringing our specialised data streaming and transformation capabilities to the forefront of this partnership. Together, we are setting new standards for data management and operational resilience, enabling our clients to harness the full potential of their information assets.”

The Missing Link’s clients can look forward to clearer data processing and streamlined workflows. The tools introduced through this partnership are intended to optimise these processes, offering reliable, timely information to support business decisions.

Aaron Bailey, CISO of The Missing Link, elaborates on the strategic impact of this collaboration, “Partnering with Cribl represents significant progress for us. Integrating their sophisticated data processing tools into our services and existing vendor partnerships will enable our clients to manage and secure data more effectively, adapting swiftly to the digital era's challenges. Cribl as a Data Engine sits at the intersection of all our three key divisions of IT and Cloud, Cyber Security, and Automation as they all generate, leverage, secure, or consume data in some fashion. I’m excited by what this partnership will bring to our clients."

The collaboration aims to provide clients with the means to handle their data more effectively, giving them an advantage in a changing business world. Integrating Cribl’s technology will improve data visibility, security, and efficiency, maintaining The Missing Link’s role as a forward-thinking industry player.

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Louise Wallace