Transform your
data management strategy

The Challenge

By 2025, enterprises will be managing 250%  more data than in 2020.

Data volumes are growing, and organisations
are being asked to have visibility into and analyse new types of data without blowing up their budgets or adding new staff and infrastructure.

  • Logging systems are at capacity – These tools can be expensive and require a lot of storage and compute to operate.
  • Enterprises need to retain more data – Security and compliance drive high volumes of data and demand years of retention, with separate infrastructure driving analysis and retention.
  • Tool sprawl is stretching teams too thin – SIEM, APM, UEBA, Monitoring/Alerting, observability.
  • Logistics is a nightmare – Teams that need to query data have to collect, ship, and store it first, introducing complexities and unnecessary expenses.


The Solution

Leverage a unified data processing engine with the Cribl product suite - Stream, Edge, Search and Lake - to take control of observability and gain the freedom and flexibility to make choices instead of compromises.

Get the right data, where you want, in the formats you need. Instrument everything, analyse more data, and pay less. Query your data wherever it lives, and finally go from petabytes to insights.


What are the benefits?

Simplify observability data engineering

Easiest way to discover, explore, collect, enrich, route, and store data from anywhere to anywhere.

Complete control over your data

Route data where it has the most value. Control access to sensitive data from core to the edge.

Stretch your investment

Reduce management costs and complexity of exploring, collecting, processing, and accessing data at scale.

Observe more

Build and automate tiered storage. Search data in place, only forward useful data tailored to your needs. Access data previously inaccessible.


Strategic Partnership

“Partnering with Cribl represents significant progress for us. Integrating their sophisticated data processing tools into our services and existing vendor partnerships will enable our clients to manage and secure data more effectively, adapting swiftly to the digital era's challenges.  Cribl as a Data Engine sits at the intersection of all our three key divisions of IT and Cloud, Cyber Security and Automation as they all generate, leverage, secure or consume data in some fashion.  I’m excited by what this partnership will bring to our clients." 

Aaron Bailey, CISO of The Missing Link

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Cribl, the Data Engine for IT and Security, empowers organisations to transform their data strategy. Powered by a data processing engine purpose-built for IT and Security, Cribl’s product suite is a vendor-agnostic data management solution capable of collecting data from any source, processing billions of events per second, automatically routing data for optimised storage, and analysing any data, at any time, in any location. With Cribl, IT and Security teams have the choice, control, and flexibility required to adapt to their ever-changing data needs. Cribl’s offerings–Stream, Edge, and Search–are available either as discrete products or as a holistic solution.