The Work Stuff

I have been in sales virtually my whole working life, my first ever work experience (through school) saw me work my way through a manufacturing company over a 2 week period, and I spent more than half my time in the sales office (out of choice 😊). I remember really enjoying the vibe of it, being surrounded by upbeat people, who drove nice cars and wore suits, I found it infectious. The business then offered me a summer job and that was it, 20 years ago, I became a sales person.

Since then I have worked in many different markets, from the very niche (Golf Course Hardware), to bespoke (Music Technology), to highly competitive (Energy and Telco) and most recently consultative (IT/Security).

I am very proud of the work that I do and have never been ashamed to say I am in sales, I love building relationships, having a laugh and doing business.  Ever since I came to Australia 8 years ago, I had a dream of conducting sales meetings on the top floors of Melbourne’s City skyline and The Missing Link has allowed me to achieve that. I love looking out of the window, seeing the bay and talking shop, it exhilarates me, and I am very grateful for the opportunity that this role and my clients have allowed me.

Before I started with The Missing Link, I barely knew what a firewall was, now I enjoy helping businesses tackle complex Network and Endpoint Security challenges with solutions that meet their needs.  I am currently learning about the challenges around Secure Application Development and the Culture, Techniques and Tools that surround that segment of security. I love how much I have learned in the 17 Months I have been in the industry.


The Fun Stuff

Outside of work, I lead a pretty busy life.  I still gig regularly as a Techno DJ under the moniker “Obsessive Behaviour” and have played at many of Melbourne’s underground clubs and dance festivals including Earthcore and Rainbow Serpent. I studied Music Technology at university and have produced a number of my own dance tracks and have recently started to dabble in production again for fun.  

DJing has also led me to my largest extracurricular interest which is a Not for Profit organisation called “The Brink”.  We provide a Post-Apocalyptic themed, platform for adults to learn and perform various skills including, Art, Music, Performance and Technical Performance (lighting and VJing). The Brink host multiple events per year including Club Nights and Festival Stages all of which are presented in the Post-Apocalyptic theme.  Check out what we do at  

I also regularly kitesurf and can be found on either Brighton, St Kilda or Rosbud Beaches carving around the bay and boosting as high at the kite will take me.  There really is no other feeling of freedom like it!


The Tech Stuff

When it comes to Tech, I am a man of simple pleasures, I generally enjoy knowing about tech more than using/owning it, I don’t own a games console (although I have found that I can give experienced gamers a run for their money) and I don’t even own a tablet.  The exception to the rule is obviously my DJ kit, I love what technology has done for mixing music together and seeing what it does to a crowd on the dance floor.


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Bec Ney

Head of Marketing