RPA Assessment & Opportunity Analysis.

Set strategic plans and targets for RPA adoption, and a prioritised roadmap of processes for automation

Step 2: Assess and plan your automation journey

Following awareness training, our RPA implementation process focuses on generating a pipeline of automation ideas in your organisation and will kick-start the required change management for the automation project

You know what RPA is and how it can help your business, but working out what to do next can be challenging. In this stage of your implementation journey, we support you to identify which business processes RPA can be applied to and how you can prioritise them for implementation.

Understanding RPA assessment and opportunity analysis

First, we will enable you to set up a collaborative tool where your teams can suggest and track automation ideas. Then we will help you to generate an automation pipeline and prioritise your process automation roadmap. Finally, we work with you to develop your organisation's automation, strategic plans and targets.
This then leaves your business ready for the next stage of your automation implementation, where we will help you streamline one of your business processes through RPA. This is Step 3 in your journey: Pilot Automation.

We will ensure you are perfectly positioned to launch RPA in your business

Our expert team will help you understand the ideation platform. We will provide expert guidance on what makes different processes suitable and what has worked (and has not) in the past. You will also benefit from our teams' process reengineering skill sets, simplifying your processes to maximise your RPA potential.




Know what you can automate and how to prioritise your business processes for automation

Build a business case

Build benefits vs costs business case for RPA in your organisation.

Automation pipeline

Generate a balanced automation pipeline to ensure steady, governed roll-out with maximised benefits.

Employee engagement

We’ll include your employees in the project early to ensure good change management and minimise negative impressions of ‘the arrival of the bots’.

Proof of Value project

Our team will set the basis for an ideal Proof of Value project to maximise your RPA potential.

Perfect Partner Experience