Pilot Automation.

Integrate RPA into your business with your first bots, and drive productivity through the roof

Step 3: Send your first bot live and prepare for subsequent automations

We focus on deploying automation to the business and evaluating its success

This is the most exciting stage of the RPA Implementation. Firstly, we will license your software. Then we build, test and deploy your first production-grade bot, while we will work with your organisation to ensure you are ready for the roll-out. Critically, we monitor and evaluate the results to ensure benefits realisation. 

Bulletproof bots

Our team has extensive experience in deploying automation solutions to businesses around Australia. We ensure that your processes have been optimised, are ready for automation, and the automation solutions are built to be resilient and to deliver maximum efficiencies.

Once the first bot has proven to be successful in your business, you are ready for the next step in our RPA Implementation process, Step 4: RPA Program Delivery. Here we will work with you to develop your automation roadmap, automate more processes and ensure the right governance is taking place.




Send your first bots live and automate boring or repetitive processes

Proven productivity

Realise all the benefits RPA has to offer your business firsthand.

Change management

Ensure your business is briefed and ready for the first bots, maximising staff engagement and support.

RPA experience

Gain experience in deploying RPA to your business and build momentum on an RPA program of work.

Perfect Partner Experience