Enterprise legal departments: the focus is on AI, cloud and security

Posted by Rudy Mitra on Mar 5, 2019 10:14:33 AM
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Enterprise legal departments: the focus is on AI, cloud and security

In previous articles, we’ve spoken about the need for legal professionals to be up to date with technology, especially from a security perspective. But there are also incredible benefits that come from tools such as artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud that should be on your radar if the law is your business.

The ‘big three’ are increasingly being seen as the top priorities for legal firms and enterprise legal teams alike, and now is the time to implement them in your business if you want to prepare yourself for change and ensure your competitiveness stands.

Legal teams are by no means immune to the need to adapt and become more efficient and effective in the modern workplace. If you work in the legal department of an enterprise organisation where your IT team is charging ahead with innovative technology, you’re potentially already seeing the benefits – process improvements, cloud being used as a means to store work and enable remote access, and enhanced security features.

If these solutions are not being offered to your department, it pays to understand a little more about the big three – cloud, AI and security – so that you can build a business case to access the right tools to undertake a digital transformation for your department.


Why cloud

Cloud has gone from being an ultramodern idea little more decade ago, to something that most individuals now use (knowingly or not) each and every day. From freeing up iPhone storage, to improving access to software that traditionally needed to be installed on your PC, to a secure way to store your sensitive data and protect your business against violations of the GDPR or Notifiable Data Breaches scheme, cloud’s benefits are far reaching.

Understanding how cloud can benefit your team is made easier with The Missing Link. Our experts are here to help and speak the right language – for you and your IT team, ensuring we find the best cloud solution, be it public or private or even hybrid cloud.


Why AI 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used, or is on the road map, for many enterprise legal teams in 2019. According to a recent Open Text survey “Within legal departments, 34 percent of respondents currently use AI (up from 23 percent in 2017). However, 66 percent of respondents believe that spending on AI solutions will increase in 2019.”

The ability to use AI to speed up research, perform due diligence and review documents and contracts is just the beginning when it comes to how AI can enhance your output and free up your time for client liaison and advising, appearing in meetings or court, and negotiation. And with the increasing adoption of this technology, failure to use AI could well put you at a competitive disadvantage.


Why security

Recently, we wrote about why legal professionals should be concerned about IT risks, and the Open Text results show that 80 per cent of respondents noted that data privacy was a concern when handling discovery and investigations.

Backup and recovery solutions, along with robust planning to prevent cyber-attacks are two areas that can save legal teams significant time and money. With the ever-changing digital landscape and its impact on all areas of enterprise business, it’s a case of ‘better to be safe than sorry’.

Contact us for a full assessment of your current needs and the delivery of a unique solution that works for your business.


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