Backup Solutions & Recovery Services

If your business lost all its data, how long would it last without it and how long can if afford to be down? Surprisingly, 71% of businesses can tolerate a 15-minute to 3-hour outage, while 8% of businesses can tolerate zero downtime.

A backup and recovery solution is critical for every business – hardware failure, encryption via ransomware, or human error can happen at any time. A simple, secure and reliable solution could save you from losing data, clients, reputation, time and even profit.


With enterprise backup, you know your data is there when you need it

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Be compliant

Meet all regulatory and client compliance requirements with the correct processes, solution and documentation.

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Backup options

Our onsite, offsite and cloud-based data protection solutions are ideal for clients that want to achieve information resiliency and 24/7 operational recovery across data assets.

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Customised assessment

We can assess the current solution or undertake a complete backup; scope what is important to you and deliver a risk assessment, recommendations, solution size & pricing estimate based on consumption.

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Cost effective

Modern backup and recovery methods are cost effective as you only pay for what you need, they can be tailored/tiered for accessibility requirements and priced accordingly.

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More choice

Choose your level of service, whether it be self-managed or managed by us, you can configure your solution exactly as you need too

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Restore & failover testing

Choose from manual or automatic restore and failover testing so you can rest assured your recovery process will work as and when needed. 

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Backup your backup

We’ve invested heavily in our infrastructure so that multiple copies of your data can be stored at our two data centres, one in Sydney and one in Melbourne.

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Secure your data

With complete redundancy, you can rest assured that we will keep your data safe, secure and accessible 24/7, and its stored locally in Australia. 

“We've been using The Missing Link for over 8 years for projects and helpdesk support. We had issues in downtime in our stores so we approached The Missing Link to do a new network infrastructure project. For us, downtime is a big deal and we don't accept any in our stores. With The Missing Link we came up with a project that saw us reduce downtime. If a customer comes into a store and we can't service them because we are down, that's bad for our brand. We know that with zero downtime and The Missing Link on board that's not going to happen.”

Chris Reid

Chief Information Officer, Hallenstein Glasson

Our backup & recovery solutions checklist

  • Complete business analysis & risk assessment
  • Review your current backup & recovery solution
  • Test your current recovery process
  • Compliance and regulatory checks
  • Meet regulatory requirements such as APRA & ASIC
  • SLA 99.9%

Our backup & recovery partners

We partner with over 100 leading-class vendors so you get the best solution for your business every time.


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