AI as a Service – why it’s ready to take off

Posted by Rudy Mitra on Mar 24, 2020 8:44:46 AM
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AI as a Service – why it’s ready to take off

Artificial Intelligence (AI) gives businesses an advantage over their competition by optimising business performance and creating better products and services that are designed specifically for their customers. AI instantly reduces costs, increases efficiency and minimises the risk of errors or downtime. Previously, this would have required a team of data scientists and a hefty budget.


AI as a Service (AIaaS) removes these barriers to entry, allowing businesses of all sizes to profit from machine learning.


Demand is growing

Customer expectations are rising. With massive amounts of data generated every second, this information is crucial to the future of the customer experience and business development. AIaaS will optimise your data and quickly uncover opportunities that would otherwise remain hidden. Sales and marketing rank AI higher than any other division as it offers these types of capabilities.

Everything is connected, and all the generated data can target and customise future customer experiences and business optimisation by utilising AIaaS.


Companies are catching up

47% of digitally mature companies have defined an AI strategy. Demonstrating that businesses have started to realise that AIaaS is essential to compete in the current marketplace.

AIaaS will enable your staff to focus their skills on business priorities rather than wasting time on manual processes such as reporting, marketing performance and lead scoring. AIaaS will free up more than a third of data analysts in marketing organisations by 2022.


The ecosystem is growing

Tech giants like Google, Amazon and Microsoft have brought AIaaS into existence.

With their already established public cloud infrastructure and AI platforms, they have made AIaaS a reality. Business can now use AI for marketing analytics, predictive maintenance, customer service and robotic process automation.

But this is only the beginning. Prepare for take-off.

Once more providers enter the AI space, it will be more accessible for businesses from every industry. There will be a solution to fit specific use-cases. Once this occurs, it will cause adoption on a global level, making AIaaS an essential part of all businesses.


How will it benefit small to medium businesses?

AIaaS gives businesses complex infrastructure at a severely reduced cost. Businesses with restricted budgets will be able to harness the power of AI without having to recruit an expert to manage it, giving small to mid-sized businesses an edge to compete against larger companies.

However, AIaaS is not only for smaller businesses, larger companies can also benefit from it. Hiring data scientists and setting up a complex infrastructure that reaps returns from AI require significant budgets and resources that many large companies can’t even justify. 

63% of customers prefer interacting with chatbots rather than with an actual employee when dealing with a business. AIaaS creates a low to no-code development environment where companies can build custom chatbots to include on their website and automate processes without the need for specialised programming experience. 

AIaaS enables companies to have easy access to the benefits of AI without having to recruit the expertise to implement and manage it. AIaaS is one of the most significant developments in recent years. By removing barriers to entry, it allows businesses of all sizes to profit and succeed from AI.

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