The Missing Link is revolutionising businesses across Australia with the launch of our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) division. 

There is one thing business leaders all agree on; Australian Businesses across all sectors are continuously searching for new technologies to improve processes and reduce costs by managing repetitive processes. 

A massive game-changer has landed, yes, the robotic world is a reality in the professional world (this includes your industry). However, it's not quite what you think; sadly no physical robots are running around serving us humans as they do in the old Sci-fi movies. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses sophisticated software known as 'digital workers', to automate any repeatable business process with 100% accuracy. 

By working closely with clients, our RPA team at The Missing Link are developing innovative digital workers – software robots – that perform repeatable tasks with greater speed, accuracy and consistency than has ever been possible with human labour. 

These user-friendly digital workers are performing approximately 30% of the work undertaken in most occupations, and in the process freeing employees to take on more complex productive projects. Leaving existing staff much more engaged at work as they don't have to do the boring stuff and can focus on much more rewarding tasks. 

Our digital workers are improving efficiencies, increasing profitability and providing market building insights for businesses in sectors that include health, banking and finance, insurance, manufacturing, education, and human resources. 

From collecting data and pre-filling forms, to triggering responses to customer enquiries, managing loyalty programs, processing invoices and analysing trends, scalable digital workers are providing businesses with the capacity to grow into new and existing markets. 

Introducing digital workers to your workplace doesn't mean you have to change your legacy systems, existing applications or any part of your existing business process. The Missing Link will work with you to understand your business then configure your digital workers to slip straight into your existing workflow.  That's why we say: Welcome the bots. Free human thought. Boost business productivity. 

Talk to The Missing Link today about our new Robotic Process Automation division and how you can engage digital workers to enhance critical decision making, reduce costs and optimise your business processes. Read more about our RPA solution here. 




Bec Ney

Head of Marketing