The Work Stuff

Growing up, I dreamt of owning and running my own auto shop. From an early age, I developed a curiosity for how machines work, spending hours taking (or breaking) my toys apart and trying to put them back together, aiming to repair them.

While at University, this curiosity led me to computer sales and repairs. Once I graduated, I landed my first job at the Microsoft helpdesk, then joined Fujitsu as a Project Engineer. Throughout my career with Fujitsu, I progressed to a project leadership role; at that time, I felt very connected with the role and decided to devote myself to excel in that field. After many years with Fujitsu, I joined several other companies to establish and develop delivery teams which led me to my new chapter, here at The Missing Link.

I get to work with a bunch of superstars here, formally known as Project Consultants, Project Practitioners and Solution Architects. In leading the Solutions team, I see the development of the delivery capabilities as my main objective.

Early on in my career, I developed a passion for developing teams, assisting young leaders in building their confidence, capabilities and ultimately helping them achieve their career goals. I am beyond excited to continue growing and elevating my team, challenging ourselves and carving new paths together for years to come.

I tend to draw inspiration from the people around me, whether it is a colleague, or simply someone I come across that takes that extra care or creativity to do their daily job. I'm a fan of Peter Drucker's wisdom and try to take a page or two from his philosophies. Similarly, I admire and connect with Daniel Goleman and Simon Sinek.


The Tech Stuff

I do love tech, but honestly, I am a bookworm 📚 You'll mostly catch me smashing through a book or listening to a podcast on my commute into the office. I am listening to a few at the moment, but I always find myself coming back to 'Lore' by Aaron Mahnke.

I do, however, like to start my day by skimming through the instant and constant flow of information and news on my Twitter feed. Castbox and Blinklist are also frequently used apps on my phone.


The Fun stuff

With a couple of kids, we keep a tight schedule on the weekends. Whether it's the kid's sport match day or playing a friendly game of football, we're mostly out and about, if the weather is good. I also have a passion for gardening, so when the time permits, I'd get myself lost in my garden either early in the morning or late afternoon.

Being an avid Manchester United supporter, it's not uncommon for me to be awake at crazy hours of the night (or morning) to watch my team play. Although recently it has not been as fun as I wanted it to be, I can't get myself to look away even if its 1:20 am on Monday!

If money weren't an issue, I would be running an espresso bar somewhere remote and tropical 🌴☀️



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Taylor Cheetham

Marketing Coordinator