Video Conferencing Solutions

Video conferencing is the modern answer to traditional meetings. The benefits that accompany the right video conferencing solution can be felt far and wide; from connecting remote workers to reducing travel costs for staff, and giving you an avenue for things you may have not previously considered, like webinars.

Video conferencing provides human interaction and improves the remote meeting experience with valuable facetime. We can deliver complete video room setups for boardrooms or large meeting rooms, install and implement desktop conferencing or integrate your existing communication tools to deliver a unified video conferencing solution.

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Borders disappear with a robust video conferencing solution

Reduce costs

Reduce Costs

There is no need to fly staff from interstate or to incur other travel expenses when face to face meetings can be held from the comfort of anywhere, and any device.

Improved experience

Improved experience

Face-to-face interactions hold more value than voice interactions; meet people near and far and get a real sense of human connection that traditional meetings have.

Increase productivity and flexibility

Increase productivity & flexibility

Users can connect from any device at any time, like from the back of a cab between meetings.

Boost your marketing

Boost your marketing

With a robust video conferencing solution in place you have more marketing and training options like holding webinars or broadcasting announcements. 

Total video solutions

Total video solutions

We can set-up broadcast rooms, video software on devices and integrate calendars, applications and software for total video access.

Simple and easy

Simple and easy

Users are a lot more tech savvy these days and will find using the software as easy and intuitive as using their device to make a call.

Communications unified

Communications unified

Connect your voice, video, data and applications; collaborate with anyone, anywhere no matter the device or operating system in use. 

Communications strategy

Communications strategy

Perhaps there are things you need now and others you need in the future? We can help with a communications strategy and roadmap to plan for future changes. 

“The Missing Link have provided us with an IT infrastructure and support solution that is geared towards our business, and to a standard that we would not have been able to attain using our own internal resources.  I believe that The Missing Link would be an asset for your company, as they have been to ours, and we give them our highest recommendation.”

Andrew de Vries

Head of Superannuation, Diversa

Solution checklist

  • Broadcast rooms - screens, cameras, speakers, hardware & software, sound proofing
  • Analyse meeting data
  • Software integrations
  • Video & telephony integrations
  • 24x7 support

Technology partners

We partner with over 100 leading-class vendors so you get the best solution for your business every time.

Skype for Business
Merge ICT

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