Podcast Series

We uncover some fundamental questions about the Zero Trust security model in this mini-series. Stay tuned for weekly episodes as we explore why identity matters and how a Zero Trust strategy can help organisations mitigate security risks. 

Episode 1

What is Zero Trust?


In the first episode of Understanding Zero Trust, we start with the basics and ask: what exactly is zero-trust?

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Episode 2

Starting with identity

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Why is starting with identity essential when it comes to integrating a Zero Trust strategy? We are answering this question in this week's episode.

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Episode 3

A Zero Trust framework


In this episode, we explore how to put a Zero Trust framework into action and discuss what implementation looks like for your organisation in real-world terms.

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Episode 4

Why a people centric approach matters


This week on Understanding Zero Trust, we are discovering why a people centric Zero Trust strategy is important for your organisation.

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Episode 5

The fundamentals: Building a network access strategy


In today's episode, we are deep diving within the fundamentals of building an effective network access strategy for your company.

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Episode 6

Why you no longer need a corporate network


For the final episode, we are discussing why you no longer need a corporate network when it comes to implementing a Zero Trust strategy for your organisation.

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Integrate a Zero Trust security strategy