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Partnership: Reseller

Offering: Application Delivery Networking (ADN)

F5 helps organisations seamlessly scale cloud, data centre, and software-defined networking deployments to successfully deliver applications to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

F5 solutions make applications secure, fast and readily available for everyone, helping organisations get the most out of their investment. Businesses gain strategic points of control wherever information is exchanged, from client devices and the network to application servers, data storage, and everything in between.

Offering products in various segments of the Application Delivery Controller market, F5 is the preferred vendor by a wide margin. Their flagship product, the BIG-IP network appliance, is a network load balancer that also provides access control and application security. The BIG-IP family of products provide unified intelligence, flexibility and programmability.

As an F5 partner we have access to sales tools, engineering and knowledge resources, special discounts, and more.