Today's cyber threat landscape is consistently evolving, with cybercriminals shifting their focus from targeting IT Infrastructure to people.

Our partnership with Proofpoint is about delivering the most effective solutions for protecting your most significant security and compliance risk - your people. Together we provide visibility and protection from the threats that target your employees, the data they work with, their digital activity, and the digital channels they rely on.



Protection starts with people


To stop today's advanced attacks, you need to focus on protecting your people.

Built on the cloud and an industry-leading threat intelligence platform, Proofpoint's cybersecurity solutions can help you effectively prevent, defend and respond to today's biggest threats and compliance risks – including human weakness.

Unfortunately, we all make mistakes, and even your best employee can click the wrong email and fall victim to fraud. Your people are your great business asset – and your weakest security and compliance link. With Proofpoint, you can build a defence that starts with them.

Proofpoint provides a host of security for their customers, including Email Security and Protection, Advanced Threat Protection and Digital Risk Protection.



Leading premium partner


The Missing Link is a leading Premium Proofpoint partner centred on mitigating your most critical security and compliance risks across email, the cloud, social media, and the web. We join forces to focus on the people component of your cyber security framework to stop targeted threats, safeguard your data, and make your people more resilient against cyber attacks.

From licensing to implementation, and consulting we can help your business implement an end-to-end solution to support the achievement of your business outcomes and requirements.

Proofpoint Knowledge Centre

Driving Real Behaviour Change

Your complete guide to building a security awareness program that works.

2021 State of the Phish Annual Report


Discover the latest insights into phishing and other cyber threats - and what you can do about them. 

A Guide to Setting up Your ITM Program


Learn the best practices for scaling from an initial operating capability to a full and robust ITMP.

The Complete Guide to Unmasking BEC and EAC

Find out how to stop Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Email Account Compromise (EAC).

Is your Email Security ready for an upgrade?

Attackers consistently use email as the vector to launch attacks – because it works.

Proofpoint can keep your people and your organisation safe from BEC and EAC attacks with their multi-layered approach to email security. Their solution addresses all attackers’ tactics, provides visibility into which users are being attacked with impostor threats, and trains end-users to be more resilient.

Book a meeting today with one of our account managers to see how you can reduce BEC and EAC attacks on your business.

The Missing Link is your preferred partner to navigate the Spectra Alliance

IT solutions and the security landscape can get confusing. It’s easy to get lost in the technicalities of various solutions. But The Missing Link can help. We believe customising any solution to your precise needs is absolutely fundamental for achieving the right outcomes and security posture. With our service levels and commitment to customer partnerships, you can trust The Missing Link to help you more effectively navigate the IT security landscape and enjoy all the benefits of the groundbreaking Spectra Alliance. Learn more now.

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Defend your VAP

Today's security and compliance tools focus on safeguarding the perimeter. However, the defend-the-perimeter approach no longer works – it's an outdated view of an attack. Care evolving and to target your human weakness, not your technical flaws.

Your organisations best defence is to arm your people with the proper training to stop attacks before reaching their target.

Learn more about your Very Attacked People (VAP) and how to protect your business against these people-centred attacks.