Netskope is dedicated to transforming security in a way that enables digital transformation. They provide leading cloud security that ensures your data is protected without hindering productivity.

Together with Netskope, we can accelerate your digital transformation journey and provide a cloud platform that is focused on security, data-centric and cloud-smart.

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Transform the way you work


Netskope understands the cloud and delivers a level of security like no other. As businesses continue to evolve and extend their workspace beyond the physical office, cloud security is vital. Through our partnership with Netskope, we accelerate your businesses’ digital transformation journey, transforming the way you work and protecting data no matter where you are.

Unlike other cloud providers, Netskope provides real-time data and threat protection, so you can access your cloud services, websites and private apps from any device, anywhere. With the assurance that your data is stored safely on the cloud, you can work flexibly with ease.



Reimagine your perimeter


At The Missing Link, we can help you reimagine your perimeter. In traditional workspaces, security was relatively simple: secure the physical office and all computers inside. However, the rise of remote working has completely transformed this, as there is no longer a single perimeter. Businesses need to secure all perimeters, including business phones, laptops, and the cloud.

Together with Netskope, we provide tailored solutions to ensure all perimeters of your business remain secure, protected and monitored. We will equip you with tailored solutions to maximise your cloud security and accelerate your digital transformation journey.

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Designing a SASE Architecture


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Perfect Partner

"The Missing Link has been a Netskope Reseller for many years. They constantly invest in their Netskope Partnership through the enablement of their Sales and Technical consultants. We have seen much joint success in the Australian market and have great hopes for future expansion. The Missing Link team show's passion in every client engagement & works collaboratively on solutions, delivering on time and on budget, and overdelivering on client service expectations. With over 20 years of experience, The Missing Link is recognised as industry leaders and accredited to the highest levels in the design, delivery, and support of their Netskope deployments."

John Lukey, Channel Manager - Netskope

The Missing Link is your preferred partner to navigate the Spectra Alliance

IT solutions and the security landscape can get confusing. It’s easy to get lost in the technicalities of various solutions. But The Missing Link can help. We believe customising any solution to your precise needs is absolutely fundamental for achieving the right outcomes and security posture. With our service levels and commitment to customer partnerships, you can trust The Missing Link to help you more effectively navigate the IT security landscape and enjoy all the benefits of the groundbreaking Spectra Alliance. Learn more now.

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Netskope NewEdge

Netskope NewEdge embraces secure access service edge (SASE) to provide the world's largest, highest-performing security private cloud. It powers the Netskope Security Cloud in real-time, allowing security to be deployed with accuracy whenever and wherever it's needed.

Netskope NewEdge provides a secure cloud that enhances user experience, providing users with fast, direct access to their apps and data, with no trade-offs.

Talk to one of our security professionals to learn more about how Netskope NewEdge can help your business.