Transmit Security


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Transmit Security believes the future of authentication is passwordless. Founded in 2014, Transmit Security has offices across the globe, including Boston, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Madrid and Hong Kong. With a global presence, they are able to find innovative ways to meet the growing needs of their customers.

With Transmit Security, your business can eliminate passwords to deliver powerful advanced security solutions. The need to remain secure is only increasing; identity protection is now more important than ever. Identity theft can cause businesses to lose billions of dollars and suffer reputational damage that can be difficult to repair. Transmit Security uses one-of-a-kind identity authentication technology to create an effortless passwordless experience. Users can access passwordless authentication from any device or channel, removing the need for logins and resets but still providing steadfast security

Transmit Security offers several different authentication technologies, including BindID, FlexID and WorkID. BindID ensures seamless customer authentication from any device or channel. FlexID allows users to unify their IAM instantly and effortlessly. With WorkID, businesses can free their workplace from passwords, regardless of location, device or technology with paswordless risk-based MFA, allowing for a seamless yet secure remote working experience.