CyberArk is a world-class leader in security services and solutions, with a core focus on Securing Privileged Accounts throughout your business. Their mission is to protect your organisation's most critical assets, data and infrastructure wherever they exist – in the cloud, on endpoints, throughout the DevOps pipeline and in on-premises environments.

The Missing Link are one of CyberArk’s most trusted delivery partners in Australia, having helped countless businesses of all sizes to understand the obstacles and challenges of their Privileged Access Program.



#1 Privileged Access Management

The days where security professionals only needed to look outside for security risks are gone, with insider threats accounting for over 38% of data breaches. CyberArk is the only security company focused on eliminating targeted cyber threats that use insider privileges to attack an organisation's most critical assets, applications, and infrastructure.

CyberArk's privileged access management protects your privileged credentials and secrets by proactively limiting user access to privileged accounts and providing real-time threat analytics to aid in insider threat detection. Eliminating an attack before it stops your business.

Their targeted security solutions ensure your business has the necessary tools to effectively and easily tackle the expanded digital attack landscape.



The Complete Solution

As a CyberArk Advanced partner and an integrator of choice, our highly trained and attentive team can help you deploy the right solution that matches your business needs and requirements.

From accelerating and simplifying deployment to reducing the time and internal resources required to implement, expand and manage CyberArk solutions – we provide you with a complete solution for your privileged access management and compliance requirements.

By providing the right technologies to fit your business landscape, you can be assured you are in good hands with our highly experienced IT team.

CyberArk Knowledge Centre

Blueprint for Privileged Access Management Success

Explore how your business can assess and prioritize privileged access vulnerabilities, strengthen security and reduce risks.

Prioritize Privileged Access Management as a Service

Learn about the top 5 reasons to deploy Privileged Access Management as a Service and how it can reap business benefits.

Addressing ASD Essential Eight WP


Explore an effective mitigation strategy known as the Essential eight and how it can help your business mitigate cyber security incidents and threats.

Top 5 Reasons to Put Privilege First

Learn how to manage and monitor privileged access as well as to detect and respond to threats mitigating risks today.

Perfect Partner

“The global cyber security skills shortage – which is acute in Australia – means value-added partners with highly qualified, expert advisors are a sought after commodity for customers implementing or building out identity security and privileged access management projects. Their experience and capability across pre-sales, sales and delivery have quickly made The Missing Link one of CyberArk’s most-trusted partners as a result.”

Jason Choong, Senior Director, Partner & Inside Sales APJ, CyberArk

Privileged Access Management

Privileged access is a type of administration that allows for the full control of critical computer systems and applications. Cyber attackers have a singular goal: gain access to your most valuable systems and assets.

CyberArk offers industry-leading controls to secure, manage and monitor privileged access whilst ensuring end-users operate efficiently. Learn how Privileged Access Management can stop advanced threats, lateral movement and limit privilege escalation and abuse.

Talk to one of our security professionals to learn more about how PAM can protect your most valuable systems and assets.