Advanced application and data security for Web, Database, File and SharePoint applications

Imperva is the pioneer and leader of the third pillar of enterprise security “Data Centre Security”.  The SecureSphere platform fills the gaps in today’s security left by traditional endpoint and network defences. 

SecureSphere is an integrated, end to end solution that directly protects high value applications and data assets in physical and virtual data centres which streamlines and provides a cost effective route to regulatory compliance & establishes a repeatable process for data risk Management. Powering the

SecureSphere Data Centre Security Suite is a common platform that provides flexible deployment options, unified management, deep analytics and customizable reporting. The SecureSphere platform enables enterprise scalability and accelerates time to value.

Underscoring Imperva's commitment to Data Centre Security excellence, the Imperva Application Defence Centre (ADC) is a world-class security research organization that maintains SecureSphere's cutting edge protection against evolving threats.