As pioneers of the emerging Cyber Exposure market, Tenable empowers organisations to understand and reduce their cyber security risk. They are trusted by over 30,000 organisations worldwide and remain at the forefront of innovation in the cyber security industry, which is one of many reasons why we partner with Tenable.

As a Tenable Platinum Partner, we provide businesses with the knowledge, training and resources needed to understand their cyber risk and prioritise what matters most.



Cyber Security experts


Founded in 2002 on the ethos of innovation, Tenable has cemented itself as the Cyber Exposure company. They pioneered the IT Vulnerability Managed market as the creators of Nessus, which is now the world’s most widely deployed IT vulnerability assessment solution.

No stranger to innovation, Tenable has now developed, the world’s first Cyber Exposure platform. This provides security teams with the ability to see their entire cyber attack surface at all times. By utilizing Tenable’s Cyber Exposure platform, senior management is given the ability to focus on key issues and make strategic business decisions based on such insight. They believe the future doesn’t need to be in the future. Instead, with the right tools, they believe the future is now.



Innovation is the key to success


Want to improve your cyber security but not sure where to start? The Missing Link’s security team are one of the most awarded in Australia. We're the leading APAC partner with Tenable, with a highly trained and certified team. We will work with your business to understand your security needs – whether it’s securing the cloud, uncovering threats or understanding your device vulnerability, our team can help.

Through our partnership with Tenable, we'll assist your business with application security, cloud security, compliance, vulnerability management and zero trust solutions - just to name a few. Tenable’s focus on innovation means your business will always have the insight, research and data needed to uncover weaknesses across your entire attack surface.

Tenable Knowledge Centre

Support for Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Learn how security leaders gain support for risk-based vulnerability management.

How to show Business Benefit

This whitepaper provides insight into the business benefits of risk analysis and management.

Evolve your Legacy VM

Discover how to calculate, communicate and compare key maturity metrics to drive risk reduction.

Answering the four Tough Questions

Learn more about Tenable's Cyber Exposure platform based on real user reviews of Tenable Solutions.

Platinum Partners

“We are honoured to be recognised as a Platinum Partner by Tenable and this distinction only fuels our momentum. Having the knowledge of Tenable’s suite of solutions including helps us play an integral role in helping customers in Australia understand and reduce cyber risk across the entire attack surface.

Our combined expertise addresses the growing threat presented by cloud, remote work, Active Directory and the constantly evolving threat landscape targeted by cybercriminals. The first step to greater cyber resilience is visibility, and our partnership with Tenable helps us achieve this with our clients.”

Aaron Bailey, Chief Information Security Officer, The Missing Link

Log4Shell & Active Directory Whitepaper

Whilst much has been written about Log4j and the potential impact to the applications that rely on the now infamous java library, little has been said about how attackers could leverage the flaw to gain control of your domain at the highest.

Download Tenable's Whitepaper to learn more.

Tenable Log4j