The advanced security features of Microsoft 365

Posted by Kendall King on Dec 10, 2019 3:07:22 PM
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The advanced security features of Microsoft 365

One of the major benefits of migrating to Microsoft 365 is its incredible security capabilities. The suite comes with a full-bodied security and management feature set that will help protect critical business information, protect against malware while also giving you compliance and mobile device management. Here's an overview of Microsoft 365's security features: 

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection Service

Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is a cloud-based email filtering service that helps protect your organisation against unknown malware and viruses. This is achieved through rigorous zero-day protection that includes features to safeguard your business from cyber attacks in real-time. 


Capabilities of ATP

ATP provides cloud-based email protection for your business. It can be configured to protect your email environment for both on-premise and cloud mailboxes.

Here is an overview of some of the main features included:

Safe Attachments

Safe attachments checks to see if email attachments are malicious through machine learning and analysis techniques and then takes appropriate action to protect your business.

Safe Links

Similar to Safe Attachments, Safe Links protects users from malicious URLs in a message or Office document. Malicious links are dynamically blocked while still granting you access to links that have been verified as safe.

Anti-phishing policies

Anti-phishing checks for indicators in incoming messages for potential phishing attempts. In case the email is detected as a phishing attack, appropriate action is taken.

Real-time reports

ATP provides you with monitoring capabilities that include access to real-time reports that highlight high-priority issues, such as an increase in suspicious activity or security attacks.

Attack Simulator

The Attack Simulator enables you to run realistic attack scenarios that can target your employees. This is great to improve security awareness within your organisation. There are several types of attacks available, including spear-phishing, password-spray and brute-force password attacks.



Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based service that helps protect your corporate data without sacrificing productivity.

With Intune, you can:

  • Manage the mobile devices and PCs your workforce uses to access company data
  • Manage the mobile apps your workforce uses
  • Protect your company information by helping to control the way your workforce accesses and shares it

Intune can also be used in conjunction with other services in Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS). Apps that are managed with EMS have access to a deeper set of data protection features that include:

The benefits of having additional security

Safeguard your business and employees

Microsoft 365 will ensure that your employees aren’t at risk from potential phishing and ransomware attacks.

Ensure that your business stays productive

A cyber attack has the potential to slow down or even halt business production, making work practically impossible. With an effective security solution in place, it will protect your business and ensure that you stay productive.

Inspire confidence in your customers

Nothing is worse for a business than a cyber breach. Customer trust and loyalty are crucial for a business to be successful. By demonstrating that your business has robust security measures in place, it will instil confidence and trust in your customers that their personal data is safe in your hands.

If you would like to learn more about the Microsoft 365 suite and how it can help your business strengthen its security posture, you can speak with one of our Microsoft experts today.


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