Customer satisfaction is the true metric of success for any business. A happy customer is the best ambassador for any company, spreading the good word and cementing its reputation.

At The Missing Link, our Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores are a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier service to our clients.

Our Service Experience Team are often the first point of contact for any client feedback or issues. In the month of August alone, they received an incredible 100% satisfaction rate from our customers. Month on month, their numbers are consistently above 97%. How do they achieve this? The answer is simple: it’s the team.

As Sam Grice, The Missing Link’s Service Experience Operations Team Leader and Callum Walker, The Missing Link’s Service Delivery Manager explain, their firm belief in investing in and nurturing team members is what helps set our Service Experience Team apart.

The team is the foundation 

It all begins with creating a work environment where every team member is allowed the opportunity to succeed. “Right now, we’ve created a really good work environment inside the business and that translates to how we serve our clients,” Sam says.

“The team gets along really well. They all love being at work, and you know, if you’ve got a good work environment that translates across to how we serve our customers.”

Callum agrees. “We look for the right people, treat them well and train them up. They're then given an environment where they can thrive and we let them do their thing.”

Empowering through feedback

Feedback isn’t just a tool for identifying issues for the Service Experience Team. Instead, it’s seen as an essential ingredient for learning and empowerment.

Both Callum and Sam emphasise that the team views feedback as a positive tool. Instead of perceiving negative feedback as a setback, they see it as a stepping stone towards improvement. This optimistic approach ensures that what feels "bad" in the moment eventually drives positive change.

Commitment to process and standards

While the team takes pride in its high CSAT scores, they don't rest on their laurels. When asked about the pressures of maintaining these scores, Callum responds that it wasn’t a competition or a sales target to beat. Instead, it’s about being accountable to the processes they’ve established. "If we live by the processes that we've all collaborated on as a team… then the numbers take care of themselves,” Callum notes.

Complacency - our biggest competitor 

A unique aspect of the team’s ethos is its stance on complacency. A full month of 100% positive feedback might sound like a dream, but it’s the occasional neutral or negative feedback that keeps the team vigilant. These act as a reminder to the team to always be on their toes, striving for excellence. It's this drive to continuously evolve that makes the Service Experience Team truly exceptional.

A collective effort

It's not just about one person or one team at The Missing Link; it's a collective effort. From the first interaction which could be through the reception or administration desk, every step matters. As Sam says, "It's getting it right at the very first step, and sometimes that first step is not necessarily us. So it's not just a Service Experience Team effort, it's a whole company effort.”


The Service Experience Team are a testament to what can be achieved when team members are valued, nurtured, and invested in. Their high CSAT scores are not just numbers but a reflection of their dedication, effort, passion, and the impeccable service they provide to every customer.

The blend of rapid feedback loops, embracing criticism, consistently maintaining high standards without complacency, and ensuring a unified front makes them a leader in their domain.

When teams are empowered, when processes are followed, when feedback becomes an opportunity to learn and grow, and when every individual's contribution is recognised – magic happens. And that's precisely what the Service Experience Team has demonstrated.

Want better IT Service? 

The Missing Link was born from a vision to help businesses like yours achieve their goals with the right IT solutions and services. Our CSAT scores bear testament to the exceptional customer service that we provide. Our entire team is based in Australia and committed to providing clients personal, tailored service – no bots, just good one-to-one advice.
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Saman Shad

Marketing Content Manager