Let’s face it. Managing your IT network and devices isn’t something you can “set and forget”. You need to regularly review your needs, your provider’s offering, the associated costs and whether the three meet in the middle.

Even if you’re taking care of your IT in-house, you can’t escape this process – you need to keep an eye on whether your team is keeping abreast of this rapidly evolving space to ensure you get the best support to maximise your operation’s potential while protecting data security for you, your staff and stakeholders.

Right now, within a volatile economy, it’s a great time to be reviewing all your organisational operations – including your IT. Are there ways to improve productivity, boost efficiencies and reduce   – or at least better manage your spend?

When it comes to IT, are you experiencing bill shock? Are you looking for one fixed, simple monthly payment?

Should you be investing in devices, apps and cloud solutions that will boost productivity within the current agile environment where staff are increasingly working outside the office? Or are there alternative, more proactive models of care that will protect you and your team from the dangers of cyber-attacks, regardless of where they’re working or the device they’re working on?

While many growing organisations assume the best way forward is to establish an in-house IT team that can evolve alongside their needs, this often proves to be a false economy.

Consider for instance, what happens if your in-house cyber security expert takes ill or simply takes a holiday. What happens after hours or on weekends? Where does that leave you if your network is breached or devices fail?

Furthermore, do you have sufficient financial resources to grow the team and keep them upskilled in a rapidly changing environment… will your team have the professional network necessary to keep abreast of global events that could put your organisation at risk? And will your in-house team match the market intelligence that comes from working within an organisation that’s constantly exposed to a multitude of companies and industries?

Expect no bill shock

Engaging in a managed service model is, without doubt, the most effective solution that delivers device, network and security support tailored to meet an organisation’s level of IT maturity and budget.

By outsourcing expert service and support, businesses across all industries can focus on growing their productivity and profit with the assurance that their customer end user and back-end infrastructure is being proactively monitored and managed – as constantly as 24/7 if you like.

The Missing Link can tailor our Managed IT Services to meet your business’s needs no matter its size. Whether you simply need support for device maintenance or a fully-fledged IT strategy and policy, we can provide you with the benefits of our globally recognised IT expertise at a manageable fixed monthly cost.

From ongoing systems maintenance and management to virus control and protection, day to day support, disaster recovery, operational efficiency, and end user support…we provide a premium service so you can get back to focusing on business development.

When you partner with The Missing Link, you can expect more from your Managed IT Service provider. Call us today.

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