It was a big year at The Missing Link last year, which included our win at the 2023 ARN Innovation Awards in the hotly contested Partner Innovation division in the SMB sector. This influential industry award celebrates the most innovative and notable partners, distributors, and vendors in the Australian technology sector. The Missing Link was honoured to be recognised for our expertise and as a transformative example of partner best practices.

The ARN judging committee especially highlighted our ability to utilise automation to solve complex business challenges: “The Missing Link's work with the SMB sector is intricately linked with an adaptive approach to technology integration and a commitment to offering tailored solutions,” the panel said. “Specialising in compliance, adaptive integration, efficiency and scalability, The Missing Link has continuously strived to recognise the unique needs, challenges and potential of the SMB sector. Mixing RPA with AI, The Missing Link has demonstrated how to solve complex business challenges with agility and innovation.”

Source: ARN

Solutions to suit client needs 

At The Missing Link, our approach has always been to not just offer technology solutions but to determine the unique challenges and potential of the clients we work with.

A prime example of our innovative approach is our collaboration with Mackay Goodwin, a case we highlighted in our award application. As a specialist restructure and advisory firm, Mackay Goodwin faced the challenge of time-consuming manual processes, such as recording information from bank statements and managing routine tasks like BAS and invoicing. These tasks were not only tedious but were also outsourced offshore, leading to delays and additional expenses. Mackay Goodwin needed a transformative solution.

Innovative approach to business challenges

Our response was not just to implement automation but to enrich this solution with artificial intelligence (AI). This blend of automation and AI led to the creation of virtual employee bots, Eric and Chloe, revolutionising Mackay Goodwin’s administrative tasks. These bots function like virtual employees, logging into systems and performing tasks with a level of efficiency that was previously unattainable.

This implementation marked an industry-first in Australia for insolvency, restructuring, and financial advisors. The efficiency gains were immense, freeing up Mackay Goodwin's advisors to focus on high-value tasks and strategic advice. But our vision extended beyond just automation. We foresaw the potential of Eric and Chloe to serve the broader accounting and finance sector.

Our work with Mackay Goodwin was a catalyst for further success. It led to an exclusive services partnership with the global accounting firm HLB International across Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. This partnership exposed our solutions to over 38,700 members globally, highlighting the significant impact of our work within the financial services sector.

Making meaningful change

At The Missing Link, our innovation is not just confined to technological advancements alone. By keeping the work within the Australian economy, our automation solutions have bolstered local businesses and strengthened the domestic workforce.

Our success at the ARN Innovation Awards is a milestone in our journey, but more importantly, it reflects our broader vision. We believe in crafting solutions that not only automate processes but also align with specific challenges, compliance constraints, and societal goals. This philosophy has carved out our niche as a catalyst for change, transcending automation and reflecting a more expansive vision that integrates technology with strategy and societal impact.

As we celebrate this achievement, we remain committed to ensuring that our innovative use of automation technologies continues to create efficient business processes and enables transformative change, thereby solidifying The Missing Link's position as industry leaders in the field of automation.  

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Matt Dunn

Head of Automation