The Work Stuff

Originally from Melbourne, I started my working career as a paperboy at the age of 13. I remember having to carry 50 newspapers on the back of my bike and deliver them to people’s houses every day after school. I scored $20 a week for it, which was a lot of money back then.

My love for marketing started over 20 years ago, and I’ve worked across multiple industries from small to multinational companies since. Starting as a Marketing Assistant, I have held many positions over this time, including design, communications, campaign/event/marketing management and now, Head of Marketing at The Missing Link. There are no two days that are the same – I love the variety the role brings each and every day, not to mention leading a team of passionate marketers.

Although I’ve had a strong career in marketing, I actually wanted to be a primary school teacher when I finished Year 12, as I loved working with children. That direction quickly changed when I discovered the world of marketing and never looked back.

When it comes to my career, my main inspiration in life is to try and be the best version of myself and bring the best out in others.

The Tech Stuff

Despite working at a technology company, I don’t consider myself a tech-freak, at all! In fact, I have never played an electronic game in my life. I know, don’t judge me on it lol.

Like most people, I love Instagram and Facebook, and not a day goes by where I don’t use them. I love being connected with people and keeping up to date on everything. I love social media, so it’s no surprise that my favourite gadget is my iPhone. It’s my life!

The Fun Stuff

When I’m not working, I love to stay active. In 2017, I was a contestant on The Biggest Loser, which completely transformed my life. I was overweight and unhappy with myself. While I wasn’t a winner on the show, I left 26kgs lighter and have kept the weight off ever since. There aren’t many days that go past that I don’t do something active.


Although I’m a Melbourne boy through and through, I moved to Sydney in 2007 to be with my husband, and have loved it ever since. Who wouldn’t love living in this great city.

On weekends, you can find me going for a run, followed by brunch with friends. I might throw on some music and bake something healthy. Also into a bit of food styling when I feel creative. When I need some chill time, I love a good Netflix binge session. I also have two dogs, Maple and Miles, who are very much part of the family.


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Taylor Cheetham

Campaign Manager