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In the age of the modern workplace, where mobility and cloud technologies are a part of every business, your Internet service and connection needs to be highly resilient, secure and reliable. Whether you need to support video conferencing, symmetric uploads and downloads or fast access to critical business applications, we can deliver you a custom Internet service solution for your business.

With security, speed and redundancy at front of mind, our experienced engineers can assess your workload and access demands to recommend the best internet solution for you. We work with market-leading partners to ensure we’ll deliver a solution you can rely on.

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Stay online with a robust fiber internet service

Network integration

Network integration

Seamlessly integrate your wired and wireless networks and implement global sign-in and universal authentication.

Added security

Added security

We offer fully secured internet solutions including next-gen firewalls, network security and secure WiFi solutions. 

 Custom solutions

Custom solutions

We can assess your workload requirements and deliver the connection you need to work quickly and efficiently.

Fast and reliable

Fast and reliable

Whether you’re after high availability, symmetric downloads & uploads, moving large files around or accessing mission critical apps in the cloud -we can recommend the best connection for you.

Internet as a service

Internet as a service

We can install and manage your WiFi hardware for you with our managed service so you don’t have to. 

Internet solutions

Internet solutions

We can supply enterprise grade internet connections with diversified vendors to provide full path redundancy.

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Expert knowledge

Our certified consultants and engineers can recommend, set-up and configure the best solution for you.

“The Missing Link understood our specific business requirements and delivered an efficient network which services our regional spread effectively. Our applications performance and connectivity have improved and we are able to operate our business more efficiently and productively. Not only has this project improved our operations but we’ve also been able to reduce business risk and cut future IT costs”

Denis Reeve

Associate Director, Boyce CA

Our internet service checklist

  • ADSL
  • NBN
  • Fibre Optic
  • Fibre400
  • 3G & 4G
  • Ethernet
  • Enterprise-grade connections

Our internet service partners

We partner with over 100 leading-class vendors so you get the best solution for your business every time.

Cisco Meraki

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