Helping SLE Worldwide and Pacific Underwriting Corporation thrive in the digital age with enhanced business continuity and responsive, security-first Managed IT Services.


The Missing Link's work with SLE Worldwide & Pacific Underwriting Corporation included private cloud, managed IT services and end user management.

SLE Worldwide and Pacific Underwriting Corporation, one of the longest standing underwriting agencies in Australia, was struggling with outdated IT infrastructure that was causing significant challenges for its IT department. With aging equipment and no formal patching process in place, their IT team was spending more time on maintenance tasks than on strategic initiatives that would improve the company's bottom line. Simon Richardson, IT Manager at SLE Worldwide and Pacific Underwriting Corporation, knew that he needed a partner who could help him streamline the company's IT operations.

That’s when they approached The Missing Link looking for a comprehensive IT solution that would optimise their IT infrastructure.

"We were really struggling with our previous MSP, and we knew we needed to find someone who could provide a more reliable and efficient service. We were looking for a partner who could work with us to understand our unique needs and deliver tailored solutions that would help us achieve our business goals.”

“The Missing Link was recommended to us by a colleague, and we were impressed by their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to customer satisfaction. They really took the time to listen to our concerns and develop a customised plan that met all of our requirements."

– Simon Richardson | IT Manager at SLE Worldwide and Pacific Underwriting Corporation

Migrating to SmartCLOUD

One of the first steps was migrating SLE Worldwide and Pacific Underwriting Corporation from on-premises to our owned and operated private cloud service, SmartCLOUD.

"Our old IT infrastructure was really starting to hold us back, and we knew we needed to make a change to keep up with the demands of our business," says Simon.

Private cloud offered a flexible, scalable, and secure platform for SLE Worldwide and Pacific Underwriting Corporation's applications, data, and infrastructure. By moving to the cloud, they no longer had to worry about managing its IT infrastructure on-premises, which saved them significant time and resources. The migration process was seamless, and we worked closely to ensure a smooth transition, minimising disruption to their business operations.

Giving time back with Managed IT Services

Security measures such as email security and patching are front of mind for SLE Worldwide and Pacific Underwriting Corporation and needed to be built into their Managed IT Services as a high priority. Day-to-day, we implement these measures to protect their infrastructure, ensuring antivirus software is running, devices are patched, and maintaining email and web security alongside Mimecast.

"Since partnering with The Missing Link, I've been able to focus on the big picture of managing our company's IT strategy, rather than getting bogged down in the day-to-day details. Their team has been extremely accommodating and flexible, which has made my job much easier," says Simon.

Simplifying End User Management for improved productivity

Besides our patch management and email security efforts, The Missing Link provides End User Management services to SLE Worldwide and Pacific Underwriting Corporation and their team.

We proactively monitor and maintain end user devices and support the end users themselves, ensuring their employees have the tools they need to be productive.

Additionally, we supported SLE Worldwide and Pacific Underwriting Corporation's switch to hybrid working during Covid-19, helping them quickly increase their remote workforce from approximately five staff to 30 people and onboard new staff remotely.

"The Missing Link was an absolute lifesaver when it came to transitioning our team to remote work at the beginning of Covid. They provided us with quick and efficient support whenever we needed it, ensuring that any issues that arose were resolved promptly. Thanks to their help, we were able to work from home with very little hiccups or wrinkles,” says Simon.

But, it’s not all about the technical stuff – we also have a strong, positive relationship.

"What I appreciate most about working with The Missing Link is their casual, easy-going approach. They're not just a business partner, they're like friends. Whenever we have an urgent issue, we can count on them to be there for us. Their team has become an invaluable part of our company's success," said Simon.

The numbers say the same. Over the course of our 13-year partnership, we’ve achieved a 96.9% customer satisfaction score.

Our IT & Cloud services have transformed the way SLE Worldwide and Pacific Underwriting Corporation do business. Reach out to The Missing Link today to engage experts committed to launching your business into the future.