Automating job data collection for this HR start-up to create a streamlined job search for Australian engineers.


The Missing Link's work with the FlexiEngineers included Robotic Process Automation.


FlexiEngineers, a start-up attempting to simplify the process of connecting engineers with engineering opportunities, created a job listing site optimised for Google searches, which amplifies the visibility of the job ads. 

The challenge? Populating the necessary data, which was unachievable manually without daily assistance from resources.

“Large job aggregator sites are not tailored to the specific needs of the engineering profession and can be frustrating to use due to their general-purpose filters. At FlexiEngineers, our mission is to make it easier for engineers to search for only relevant roles to them – so the functionality of our site needed to be the very best. We also want to have regular job updates and attract companies with as little input required from them as possible.” says James, Engineering Manager at FlexiEngineers.

FlexiEngineers engaged The Missing Link to automate the collection, standardisation and classification of job data from designated recruitment pages of large engineering firms. The purpose of the bot was to collect large volumes of good quality data daily, for upload to   “Initially, The Missing Link provided us with daily uploads to manually upload to our website, but we then decided that to further create reliability and consistency we needed the jobs to be automatically uploaded!”, says James.

Automating job data collection and normalisation for the FlexiEngineers job board

FlexiEngineers’ solution collects and enriches job data from selected sites in a suitable format for uploading to their job board, so each listing appears in a consistent format. We ensured that the workflows were flexible enough to accommodate the addition of new sites as our reach expands.

“The solution developed by The Missing Link is a game-changer for us and will now enable us to approach companies and provide a number of automated solutions that hopefully should be attractive to them. We’ve been able to automatically populate the website with the latest engineering job opportunities globally, which has helped to turn what would be a full-time effort for a human, into one that takes a matter of minutes. Our website visitors are now able to see the latest jobs in their field, in one convenient location. We’re thrilled that our automation will save us even more time in the future as we start looking to scale and incorporate additional job sources.” says James.

Expanding capabilities into the future

Following the success of the project, FlexiEngineers is looking to continue its partnership with The Missing Link to leverage intelligent automation and enhance the platform's functionality further.

"The Missing Link team was able to quickly understand our needs and build a solution that met our requirements. They communicated with us every step of the way, ensuring that we were satisfied with the solution.”

“We're excited about the possibilities that intelligent automation can bring to our platform. The Missing Link has been a great partner in helping us leverage automation to streamline our process and provide a great experience for our users."

– James Webb | Engineering Manager at FlexiEngineers

The Missing Link's intelligent automation solution has helped FlexiEngineers to improve the efficiency of their job data collection process, providing a better job search experience with tailored filters. Their experience is a powerful example of how automation can transform a business, providing significant efficiency gains and enabling growth.

Intelligent automation has been a game-changer for FlexiEngineers, and it can be for your organisation too. Reach out to The Missing Link today to engage automation experts committed to delivering efficiency for your organisation, as we’ve done for FlexiEngineers.