How a construction engineering firm is using digital technology to transform their industry

  FKG Group partner with The Missing Link to modernise their cloud solutions

FK Gardner & Sons Pty Ltd (FKG Group) is a respected name in the construction engineering sector, with over 40 years of experience. Specialising in construction and civil engineering, FKG Group has operations spread predominantly in Toowoomba and Brisbane, extending to locations like Cairns, Dalby, Newcastle, Roma, and Townsville. The Group is not just a leader in construction but also a pioneer in digital transformation within their industry. By embracing innovative technology solutions and modernising their existing infrastructure, they're setting industry standards in adopting leading-edge digital frameworks. 

The Challenge 

FKG Group was struggling with outdated, end-of-life infrastructure which was nearing its support expiration. The growing need for simplified, efficient infrastructure management necessitated a new modern solution. The aim was to centre the design around Azure Stack HCI to overhaul the ageing infrastructure and facilitate seamless integration between on-premises servers and the cloud. 

The Solution


The Missing Link’s journey with FKG Group began with an in-depth remote consultation to understand their existing infrastructure, applications, data, and networking setup. This collaboration paved the way for the subsequent detailed design and implementation of the Azure Stack HCI solution, ensuring seamless integration with FKG's existing portfolio of on-premise servers, data centres, and cloud solutions. 

The Outcome


This partnership resulted in a seamless convergence between critical on-premises and modern cloud solutions, enabling FKG Group’s capability to scale and grow efficiently into the future. The rejuvenation of outdated infrastructure not only bolstered performance but also ensured a modern, secure framework. Additionally, the consolidated management via Windows Admin Centre significantly reduced the administrative burden, empowering the IT team to allocate their focus on high-priority tasks.  

Pioneering Innovation


FKG Group's adoption of Azure Stack HCI is a testament to their commitment to being industry thought leaders in innovation and digital transformation. This commitment has allowed them to streamline the management, security, and compliance of diverse IT assets, catalysing innovation, and underlining FKG's stature as a pioneer in embracing sophisticated and forward-looking infrastructure. 

The integration facilitated quicker application deployment and predictable workload results, satisfying agile cloud-based prerequisites while simplifying the management of distributed IT assets. This innovative approach has not only established FKG Group as leaders in digital transformation within their sector but has also set a benchmark for others in the industry to follow.  

Versatility and Compliance


The versatility of the solutions implemented is evident in their applicability across various sectors. It is The Missing Link’s unique blend of consulting and professional services that enables the crafting of these sort of customer-centric solutions. This methodology guarantees compliance with industry standards and stringent security protocols, creating a resilient, secure, future-proofed and compliant environment. 

Building Trust and Ongoing Partnership


Our relationship with FKG Group is built on a foundation of mutual trust, clear communication, and shared understanding. The seamless experience from account management to project implementation continues to strengthen our partnership, with promising prospects for future collaborations. 

“The Missing Link ensured clear and consistent communication throughout all levels of service, laying the groundwork for a solid relationship based on trust and shared understanding with FKG Group. This was accomplished with a well-organised account management process, leading to a smooth project execution and a strong partnership.”

– Mat Cantarella | Chief Information Officer, FKG Group


The Missing Link has assisted FKG Group in realising their vision of modern infrastructure and digital transformation, establishing them as leaders in their field. This initiative underscores our dedication to delivering solutions that are innovative, versatile, secure, and compliant, positioning clients like FKG Group as pioneers in their respective sectors. 

The Missing Link has a legacy of transforming businesses by offering cutting-edge IT solutions and services, ensuring clients stay ahead in the rapidly evolving technological landscape. Whether it is consulting, procurement, or professional services, The Missing Link is dedicated to understanding the unique needs of clients and designing innovative solutions that help set them up for success in the future. 

Our IT & Cloud services have transformed the way FKG group does business. Reach out to The Missing Link today to engage experts committed to delivering efficiency and launching your business into the future.