Protect your organisation, users and brand.

Together with Mimecast, we tackle your most significant security challenges to make your email, web, people and data more secure.


Nearly all cyber-attacks leverage email. Why? Email is heavily relied upon, trusted, carries links and attachments, and can easily be impersonated.

Keeping emails safe continues to be among the most significant challenges IT security teams face, and it’s the most critical step in safeguarding against business disruption, data loss, and financial damage.

Protection beyond the perimeter.

Protecting your email channel used to mean protecting the perimeter, but the days when that was enough are long gone. Domain spoofing is increasing, as cybercriminals take advantage of how easy it is to impersonate an organisations email to dupe employees, the supply chain and even customers. 

Our partnership with Mimecast brings a new approach that provides comprehensive security controls before, continuity during and automated recovery after an attack. By leveraging Mimecast’s Email Security 3.0 strategy, you can evolve from a perimeter-based security strategy to one that is comprehensive and pervasive, protecting your email perimeter, inside your network and beyond.

Don’t let your brand become the bait, protect your organisation from brand abuse. 


If you're interested in protecting your organisation, users and brand but unsure where to start, our Security Controls Review can help.

We provide a personalised series of recommendations to resolve your security issues and keep your IT environment free from potential breaches.

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