Zscaler, a global leading cloud security platform, provides a safe cloud experience anywhere, anytime, on any device for more than 12 million users worldwide: from small businesses through to enterprise. Their platform empowers organisations to embrace cloud agility and efficiency whilst offering uncompromising security and a superior user experience.

Together with Zscaler, we offer industry-leading technology to help you achieve your business transformation goals by rethinking traditional network security and empowering your users to work from anywhere.




Built for the future


Zscaler is a global cloud computing-based security and compliance system focused on bringing information security to cloud computing. By helping you make the move to the cloud, securely, Zscaler’s mission is to make the internet your new secure network. Offering high levels of agility, productivity, efficiencies, and connectivity, enabling secure digital transformation.

In an increasingly cloud and mobile-first world, protecting users and applications, rather than the corporate network, has become imperative. Zscaler’s 100% cloud security platform provides your business with a fast and secure connection, in which software-defined policies, not networks, securely connect the right user to the right app or service. This ensures that every connection is fast and secure, no matter how or where users connect or where their applications reside.

As the first and only cloud security and zero trust vendor to successfully complete an Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) Assessment, they proudly support public sector agencies in keeping their employees safe and productive. 



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Here at The Missing Link, we work hard to create a safe, secure, and reliable IT environment for your business, allowing you to strive in the current technological landscape.

As an exclusive partner of Zscaler, our core strength is to integrate their advanced technologies into your business’s landscape. Together, we offer simplicity, top-end security, and improved user usability, driving technological advancement and top-end protection to your business.

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"The Zscaler platform is continually kept up to date with categorisation and profiling of new threats and classification of existing traffic. Since implementing Zscaler, we've saved a lot of time focusing on what is actually happening rather than reacting to close a new threat. Being able to see where our compliance was not 100%, we were able to act early and educate our people on the dangers and implications of not following our policies. This has helped us pro-actively understand patterns and educate our staff about the risks of the Internet before we have a serious incident.

The Missing Link have a focused team of specialists that bring the expertise into our business and take the time to understand the constraints that we operate under. The Missing Link team acted as trusted advisors on what the best 'bang for our buck' would be and helped us understand what was important versus what was simply nice to have."

David Lucas, George Weston Foods Customer Solutions Manager

Zscaler Cloud Security

Zscaler allows organizations to transform their networks and applications to a secure cloud and mobile-first world.

Zscaler's CEO Jay Chaudhry explores Zscaler's Internet and Private Access service, which is 100% cloud-delivered and offers the benefits of simplicity, enhanced security and improved usability to its users.

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