Our partnership with Sophos is strong. Sophos strives to consistently evolve and revolutionise the face of cyber security through world-class service and a commitment to meeting every new challenge.

We partner with Sophos to provide next-generation IT security services to our customers Australia-wide. Sophos is rated the world’s best endpoint protection by Gartner, and offers encryption, network security, email, mobile security, and unified threat management to all businesses.

The Missing Link is one of Australia’s most awarded IT companies, with a core focus on strength and integration of revolutionary technology, improving the security of all businesses with companies like Sophos. This partnership is built on transforming the face of cybersecurity and tailoring solutions to help business’ meet their specific needs.

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Complex security made simple


As the world leader in endpoint protection, Sophos uses AI technology to predict evolving threats that occur in real-time to block exploits and ransomware synced between endpoints and firewalls. This is achieved through the cloud to protect servers, public cloud apps and laptops.

Innovation is at the core of Sophos’ ethos. Supported by a worldwide network of SophosLabs Threat Intelligence Centres with industry-leading support, Sophos continues to evolve and find new solutions that turn complex security issues into simple solutions. For businesses, these solutions are easy to manage, maintain and deploy, allowing business leaders to focus on growth and performance.



Reliable protection


We have one of the most certified security teams in Australia, offering in-depth experience and an unrelenting service ethic. Our team provides tailored solutions to meet the needs of your business, no matter how big or small. By partnering with Sophos, we take the stress out of selecting the right vendor, and you can be assured that our solutions will support your business's long-term success.

Together with Sophos solutions, we provide a world-class experience that is tailored specifically to enhance the performance and longevity of your business. Through this partnership, we provide your business with reliable protection you can trust.

Sophos Knowledge Centre

Sophos 2021 Threat Report

The Threat Report covers topic areas into which Sophos has gained insight from the work over the past 12 months by SophosLabs on malware and spam analysis.

A 20-year Retrospective


In this paper what follows is a timeline of key threats and events from the past 20 years that helped to shape our industry.

DEF CON 28 AI Village


Watch how hand-crafted social engineering emails with a bleeding-edge neural language model is detected.

Naked Security Podcast

Sophos take an expert look at the latest security incidents, how they happened, and why. Tune in to learn more!

Preferred Partners

"Over the years our IT needs have evolved, and as a result, the services The Missing Link has provided have also changed to meet our ever-changing technological needs. In a climate of cyber threats and data privacy issues, security has become our number one priority. Being an insurance company, it's imperative our cyber security remains ahead of the game. We have worked together with The Missing Link and Sophos to embed Sophos Endpoint solutions to ensure our standards meet and exceed the Australian Signals Directorate's requirements.

The Missing Link and Sophos have collectively displayed high levels of professionalism and reliability, continually delivering solutions to the highest standards. Implementing Sophos Endpoint solutions has allowed us to detect, manage and mitigate risks that could be harmful to our business and our clients. With high levels of knowledge, professionalism, and reliability, it’s a pleasure to work with The Missing Link and their partners."

Chris Dardaneliotis - Deputy Managing Director, Sterling Insurance

Sophos XG Firewall

Sophos XG Firewall is the world's best in visibility, protection, and response, offering an innovative solution to firewall management and threat response. With XS Firewall, you can expose hidden risks, stop unknown threats, and isolate infected systems, detecting and stopping attacks before they start to keep your network safe and data secure.

Watch "Sophos XG Firewall: How it works" to see how Sophos XG Firewall exposes hidden risks, blocks unknown threats, and automatically responds to incidents.

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