As a proud Preferred Partner, The Missing Link work with SkyKick to provide your business with Migration, Cloud Backup and Cloud Management for cloud businesses around the globe.

With a focus on systems that improve productivity, reduce downtime, and manage operations of cloud-based businesses, our partnership with SkyKick is built on the foundations of delivering effective solutions to maximise your business outputs.



Migration and Cloud Specialists


Founded in 2011, SkyKick is proud to boast over 30,000 partners in over 125 countries. With four headquarters situated in Australia, London, Tokyo and Amsterdam; SkyKick makes it easy and efficient to migrate, backup, and manage their customers in the cloud.

As global SMBs rapidly adopt cloud applications, IT Services providers face massive opportunities and increased operational complexities. SkyKick tackles these challenges head-on with comprehensive knowledge in the cloud application sector. 

Seamless, simple, and hassle-free are all regularly used to describe the work SkyKick performs for its partners.  With their mission of helping you succeed by simplifying cloud operations, they're proud to offer Migrations, Cloud Backup and Cloud Managers to business across the world.



Preferred Partner


The Missing Link is a leading Preferred SkyKick partner, focused on transforming your backup and migration procedures.

Skykick has developed a platform that is simple to use for both backup configuration and recovery of your Microsoft 365 estate. 

Cloud businesses need more than great technology. SkyKick partners get content, tools and resources designed to help enhance cloud strategy, build technical knowledge and field readiness.

Simplicity allows your staff to focus on the tasks you need them to, and not maintain backup hardware or software. We're proud to offer SkyKick's platform to our businesses.

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