Automox makes patch management simple. From “click, set, forget” automation to complete scheduling and workflow control, they are the only cloud-native patching program that fully automates patch management.

The Missing Link partners with Automox to give you complete visibility and control of your IT operations all in a single place. You can see and access all your endpoints anywhere, anytime – no VPNs or infrastructure needed. Performing actions is just a click away. Or better yet, it’s fully automated.

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Modernising IT operations


Staying secure and ensuring your patch management is up to date has never been easier. With automated patching, Automox ensures you’ll have everything you need to ensure your security and endpoint management is up to date.

Automox is on a mission to raise the world’s security confidence. With Automox, your end-users are seamlessly, invisibly, and securely supported, without them ever knowing. ITOps is now a strategic strength and not a source of frustration.
Compatible across Windows, macOS, Linux and third-party software – including Adobe, Java, Firefox, Chrome and Windows - modernising your IT operations have never been easier.



Complete control


The Missing Link partners with Automox to give you a seamless, stress-free patch management experience. You’ll have complete control over your IT operations, all in one single place.

Patch Management is vital to the security of your business, and it's something that can become tedious if you don't have adequate resources or expertise. Unpatched software leaves your system open to hackers and cybercriminals who will exploit vulnerabilities and cause costly damage to you and your users.

Our Patch Management as a Service allows your workforce to patch from anywhere - quickly remediating software vulnerabilities that would otherwise put your people and processes at risk of attack. By partnering with Automox, our team will keep your systems secure, compliant, and running smoothly 24/7.

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