The Real World Threats to OT and Effective Mitigation Strategies

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The recent attack on the Oldsmar Water Facility in Florida came of big surprise to their operations team, but of little surprise to those in the know. Targeted, often state-backed, ransomware attacks have increased significantly in the past twelve months, particularly against critical infrastructure and industrial control systems - systems run by Operational Technology.

These attacks are becoming more daring – cutting off power supplies, poisoning water utilities, disrupting transportation systems, interfering with pharmaceutical recipes and halting production in manufacturing. So whether you’re in transportation, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, construction, utilities or mining – you’ll want to read our insights around end-to-end monitoring of your critical industrial processes.

We recently ran a panel discussion with notable security leaders; David Bingham, Dovid Clarke, Jamie Rossato, Marty Rickard and Andrew Sheedy - diving into the critical information you need to know about OT security, including:

  • What went wrong in existing attacks
  • Actions that should have been taken during the attacks; and
  • Mitigation strategies to prevent future attacks

Download our e-Book to read our post-webinar summary to learn more about the OT security landscape and how international organisations are achieving operational security resilience. Security webinar-2


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