Dell Latitude 9510: the "lightest ultra-premium business 15-inch" notebook on the market! 

Dell announced the latest Latitude devices earlier this year, and the 9510 is proving to be a massive hit with those looking for a rock-solid enterprise notebook with all the bells and whistles.

Unlike so many products that hit the market with big promises and poor delivery, the 9510 delivers dependable enterprise-level performance, durability, connectivity, and security. It's available in both clamshell, or 2-in-1 configuration is seriously powerful and packed with features that you actually want! 

Since the inception of laptops battery life has plagued most of us, but those days are gone, Dell promises that the 9510 can get over 30 hours of battery life! For those of us that do a long day of work on the road or sit in meetings that seem even longer, removing the stress of imminent battery death is welcomed with open arms. 

The "lightest ultra-premium business 15-inch PC" on the market, hides the massive battery capability in a slick package. An impressive 15-inch screen with Dell's Infinity bezel is wrapped in a lightweight aluminium chassis with diamond-cut edges. It, not just all looks either; the integrated speakerphone puck makes you sound much better on conference calls. 

Let's take a quick look at some of the features we think helps set the 9510 apart:  



To be "ultra-premium" it needs to be ultra-powerful, and it is! Under the 9510's slim hood, Intel's 6-core, tenth-generation processor with vPRO, Wi-Fi 6, 5G and LTE connectivity. The standard hard drive is a 256GB 35 Solid State Drive and 16GB of memory, running Windows 10 Pro and Intel's UHD graphics. Also, there is an antenna around the speaker grilles that enable sub-6 networking. 



Dell promises us this is the "world's most intelligent 15-inch PC with built-in AI,". The AI is essentially a pre-installed program called Dell Optimiser; it'll study your habits over time and select your top 4 apps, then they say "It will learn how you use those apps and make them snappier". Based on how you use it, it will also optimise your laptop for longer battery life by disabling features you might not need, or activate an express charging boost when it knows you are off to a meeting soon, and much more.  



Intel is famous for its secure and productive business processors, and this is a primary selling point of the 9510, The 10th Gen vPro processors offer impressive security which is backed by a fingerprint reader, smart card slot, IR camera and a TPM 2.0 security chip. 


360-degree view  

One fresh option is the 360-degree hinge to swivel the screen into a tent, easel, or tablet without the bulkiness found in other units.   


Large 15-Inch screen  

Make editing spreadsheets or giving presentations a productive experience is its 15-inch screen which offers full HD (1,920-by-1,080-pixel) resolution.   


Packed with ports  

Avoid carrying additional cords and cables with a full-size HDMI video output for a painless connection to conference room AV systems. You'll also find two USB Type-C connect that support Thunderbolt 3 speeds, along with a MicroSD card slot, a USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A port, and a headphone jack.  


Smart camera  

The impressive webcam uses IR sensors for Windows Hello face recognition, a privacy door to quell hackers as well as a proximity sensor that wakes the laptop when you're near.  



No other Apple MacBook or consumer Windows laptops have passed 17 different MIL-STD810G tests, including pressure, extreme temperature, shock, vibration, sand and dust tests. It should last like no other notebook on the market. 


So to wrap up:  

The Missing Link team seriously thinks that Dell's 9510 has hit the bullseye with its sleek and compact design, and enterprise-level performance. It features Intel's best enterprise-specific hardware and is backed by impressive AI-based performance solutions.

If you think this is a laptop that your business needs, speak to us about how you can get your hands on one today.  




Rudy Mitra

Marketing Specialist