The Missing Link conquers another CTF competition

Posted by Taylor Cheetham on Oct 11, 2020 10:35:09 PM
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The Missing Link conquers another CTF competition

Introducing our new partner Recorded Future

The Missing Link team enjoyed some fun and friendly competition recently when they took part in the Alert Triage Workshop organised by our new partner, Recorded Future. Recorded Future shares our passion to arm businesses with the resources to proactively defend against cyberattacks.

Their platform is one of the world's most advanced security intelligence solutions, as it cuts through the noise and delivers insights unique to your business and industry. They provide automated, real-time threat intelligence with context for better and faster detection and investigations.

What this means is you can boost your threat intelligence feeds by integrating the platform from Recorded Future into your existing security stack.


Universal Threat Intelligence Solutions

We all know the risks associated with cyber threats and attacks. Security teams work tirelessly to monitor and triage a never-ending stream of events and alarms which can lead to alert fatigue. This can leave organisations vulnerable in their defence against an adversary.

Your analysts need a platform that is easy to use and adaptable to your business needs.

Recorded Future has developed a platform that ticks those boxes! They automate real-time intelligence from an unrivalled breadth of external sources. The platform centralises external intelligence feeds and enriches your internal threat analysis, quickly enabling you to defend your organisation against cyberattacks.

"The Recorded Future's Threat Intel Platform was easy to use and provided granular searches" said Vivek, Senior Security Analyst with The Missing Link. "It can provide a search result in the form of cards and give an overview or key indicators of the threat actors along with references from feeds that it sources the data from."


Alert Triage Workshop: How our SOC team took charge

The stakes were high – pride, honour, and some cool gift cards!

Because having fun at work is part of our values at The Missing Link, when the opportunity arose to enter a challenge that would sharpen our skills, and maybe even earn some bragging rights, we had to go for it!

It was rather thrilling to test out the full capabilities of Recorded Future's threat intel platform in the real-time, hands-on capture the flag (CTF) experience.

The Missing Link team had the opportunity to:

  • Effectively identify and profile threats from the dark web, open web, and technical sources
  • Proactively prevent attacks by prioritising vulnerabilities based on real-life exploitability
  • Quickly triage alerts with real-time threat intelligence and monitor for alerts on relevant threats to your business
  • Easily research and report on trending malware and threat actors

So how did our team perform in the workshop?

Senior Security Analyst, Vivek, says, "I took a few minutes to browse through the portal and get a feel of the site when the CTF event began. The searches were easy, but we just had to keep an eye on the specific indicators mentioned in the questions."

Rory, who is also one of our Senior Security Analysts enjoyed playing the "game" too and explains how he went on to finish in the top 10: "At the beginning I found myself very far down in the placings, spending too much time on specific indicators being a first-time user. After a while, I started to move on from specific indicators I was stuck on, moving onto those I knew I could obtain. I found after gathering the Intel, my navigation of the platform became better, allowing me to then go back and easily get the intelligence I was stuck on previously."

And yes, you guessed it! All participants from The Missing Link team finished in the top 10! They returned to work with a spring in their step and some good-natured bragging!


Our partnership capabilities

The Missing Link is all about offering world-class security intelligence that sets you apart. Our core strength is the ability to integrate innovative technology, and so by partnering with Recorded Future, our clients will benefit from the instant context and correlation this provides.

This exciting new partnership will strengthen the threat intelligence services we already offer by:

  • Enriching monitoring and alerting capabilities
  • Reducing response times, therefore allowing analysts time to provide more proactive or targeted activities
  • Easier gathering of vulnerability intelligence via a consolidated research platform to search by vendor, technology, vulnerability etc
  • Reducing the time required to conduct manual research or review vendor security update emails
  • The ability to filter through your chosen technologies and vendors and provide those ASAP assessments quicker
  • Ongoing monitoring and detection of an organisation's critical asset and brand information
  • Easy integration with existing technologies which are easy to deploy and are a force multiplier for busy security analysts

Are you keen to find out more about this partnership and how it can maximise efficiencies across your existing security investments? Talk to one of our security consultants to learn more.


Taylor Cheetham

Marketing Coordinator


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