Proofpoint and CyberArk join forces to protect your VAP

Posted by Taylor Cheetham on Dec 14, 2020 8:38:32 AM
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Proofpoint and CyberArk join forces to protect your VAP

Proofpoint, a leading cyber security and compliance company, recently announced it is extending its partnership with CyberArk, a global leader in privileged access management. Here at The Missing Link, our strategy is to align with industry-leading partners for specific security controls, and because of this reason we have been long-standing partners with CyberArk and Proofpoint unequivocally.

Our CISO, Aaron Bailey, commented on the recent announcement “I am always delighted to see when our strategic vendors build deeper integrations with each other; I feel this validates our investments and the market movement. “

More than 90% of today’s cyber threats start with an email, as threat actors continue to target businesses’ most valuable assets, their people. As strategic partners, our ongoing commitment is to give our shared customers essential people-centric solutions to protect their businesses from today’s most severe cyber threats. The extended integration of Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection with CyberArk’s Privileged Access Security Solution uses a combination of layered defences to stop these threats before they reach your users and apply policies and controls that ensure privilege accuracy.


How the integration works

Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection detects, analyses and blocks threats before they reach your inbox while providing you with detailed visibility into the most attacked users within your organisation. With Proofpoint’s TAP feeding information to CyberArk’s Privileged Access Security Solution, you can identify your Very Attacked People (VAPs) and centrally secure and control access to privileged accounts.

This allows you to revoke privileged access for potentially compromised users immediately—and automatically— and apply remediation measures to help stop targeted threats before they can reach their intended destination. This provides real-time remediation by disabling certain features, thus, immobilising the user entirely or forcing a real-time change of password.

When a compromise is detected, an alert is created on your dashboard, helping you to streamline the remediation process, resolving threats in a fast and efficient manner.

“This is perfectly aligned with our people-centric approach, as privileged users are just as vulnerable to phishing attacks as anyone in an organisation. Even more so as they have access and manage critical systems and environments. We have multiple clients that already use both solutions and have already commenced configuring this integration wherever possible.” Aaron Bailey, CISO, The Missing Link.


Why choose The Missing Link

A genuine partnership is when all parties bring something special to the table. The Missing Link’s core strength is the ability to integrate and fully tailor innovative technology into businesses of all sizes. We pride ourselves in building long-term relationships with our customers to truly understand their business environment and needs, so they benefit from the best in breed technology solutions and services customised to their requirements.

Contact us, if you’re interested in learning how together, Proofpoint and CyberArk can help you to protect and detect your VAPs and privileged access.


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