Prepare for a cyberattack before it strikes

Posted by Taylor Cheetham on Jul 29, 2020 9:06:55 AM
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Prepare for a cyberattack before it strikes

DevSecOps gives businesses the tools and processes to help make security decisions with speed and scale without risking exposure to cyberattacks.

What is DevSecOps

DevSecOps implements security practices during the early stages of production, ensuring that security concerns are addressed from the beginning of each stage.

The goal is to deliver pro-active and customer-focused security that predicts cyberattacks rather than a reaction-based solution. Security issues are identified during development instead of waiting until the release of a product.

When it comes to fixing security flaws, DevSecOps reduces the costs by implementing security into the development process.


DevOps vs DevSecOps

DevOps and DevSecOps both focus on the use of automation and continuous processes to enable collaborative phases of development.

The main priority of DevOps is on delivery speed while SecOps focuses on security. DevSecOps is a blend between the two.

DevOps aims to align IT efforts and increase delivery speed while DevSecOps expands upon this by rapidly implementing security.


Benefits of DevSecOps

Businesses experience many benefits from DevSecOps, including:

  • Improvement in overall security - Minimising your vulnerabilities while your code coverage and automation will increase using fixed infrastructure.
  • Reduction in costs - By detecting security issues early in the development process, it will safeguard your business while also increasing your speed of delivery.
  • Recovery speed - There is enhanced recovery speed in the instance of a security breach by utilising templates and methodologies.
  • Stay up to date - With cybercrime continually evolving at a rapid pace, it is crucial to actively hunt for threats so you can effectively monitor and manage your security auditing systems.
  • Secure by design - By using automated security systems to review code, in conjunction with automated application security testing will enable your developers to implement secure models.

Cloud-native attacks

Poor configuration of cloud services is making businesses vulnerable against hackers. A rise in cloud-native attacks has placed pressure on developers to take responsibility and mitigate these risks.

Security weaknesses associated with the cloud is a significant concern for businesses looking to implement a cloud solution.

DevSecOps can help.

Security is no longer a separate process, DevSecOps integrates security across each stage of the software process chain, ensuring that security concerns are addressed at the beginning of each stage.

Many businesses, currently using cloud solutions, rely on DevSecOps tools and principles to improve their agility and security.


Plan for success

DevSecOps requires detailed planning when it comes to cloud security. Collaborating with development and quality analysis teams will ensure the appropriate security automation and configuration of cloud assets.

DevSecOps offers high reliability and software agility giving your business a secure advantage, ensuring that you always stay one step ahead of potential security threats.

Businesses need to be agile and innovative to compete in the current market. DevSecOps allows you to go faster and innovate while remaining secure.


If you are interested in learning more about DevSecOps and how it can improve your cloud security, contact us today to book a free consultation with one of our security experts.


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