Constant Operational Technology (OT) network monitoring is a vital component of an effective cyber security plan. Gartner defines OT as hardware and software that identifies or triggers a change through the direct monitoring or control of physical appliances, procedures and incidents in the enterprise. Recently, there have been several significant events that have altered the inherent nature of OT cyber security.


Raised CISO involvement in OT and cyber security

The role of the CISO is rapidly expanding past previous operational functions of monitoring, preventing and responding to cyber threats. According to the Australian Government Information Security Manual, a CISO's role is to provide cyber security leadership for their organisation. Due to reports of damaging ransomware strikes, it has raised cyber security concerns for businesses and C-suite level executives. Generating CISO interest and participation in the management of OT cyber security, resulting in an increased demand for additional visibility into OT cyber risks and compliance support. To combat this, CISOs are evolving into stronger leadership positions, with the need to move beyond the boundaries of response and execution. CISOs now need to be receptive to risk management issues and have ownership over the total cost of their security investments.


Increased use of Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) and Security Operations Centres (SOCs)

OT security leads have been presented with a constant challenge when it comes to cyber security program management. Undertrained staff are unable to handle security updates and alerts due to lack of time and capability. Many companies have a restricted budget, and with a shortage of OT cybersecurity professionals, many security managers are turning to external SOCs and MSSPs for assistance.


Implementation of digital transformation systems

Companies are continually attempting to minimise costs and increase performance. Implementing digital transformation programs allow businesses to obtain new information about their operations. Requiring flexible monitoring options for more complex architectures and new network appliances for small networks, virtual collectors, implementing combined solutions in edge gateways and smart switches and active collectors for systems that lack mirroring abilities.


How Nozomi Networks addresses the new market forces

Nozomi Networks OT and Internet of Things (IoT) visibility and security platforms encompass three elements:

  • Guardian

Guardian performs network monitoring activities. With included functionality for message parsing, DPI, asset discovery, threat detection, and anomaly detection. Local users receive support through network visualisation, vulnerability assessment, risk monitoring, and security reporting.

  • Remote Collectors

Remote Collectors allow Guardian to obtain network traffic information from control system networks that isolate messages for further analysis. Nozomi Networks provides a variety of remote collectors, with options for active scanning and Smart Polling. Enabling Guardian to obtain asset data and assist networks without managed switches.

  • Central Management Console

The Central Management Console is a multitenancy solution used in enterprise and MSSP deployments. It collects data from multiple Guardian instances and enables remote management of cyber security with support for thousands of distributed sites.

Integration and visibility are essential areas of focus for Nozomi Networks. They have interfaces for a comprehensive variety of OT products and solution enhancements that provides organisations with a secure way to develop their security posture to incorporate OT and IoT resources, without interrupting critical systems.

OT & IT convergence, digital transformation and security support will impact every business that has automation systems in place. It is vital to assess how your security services provider supports your current and future needs. If you are interested in learning more about how you can adopt OT to strengthen your IT security, contact one of our experts today.


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