The idea of a traditional workplace has been flipped on its head in the last six months, with remote working becoming the new normal for a lot of Australians. However, remote working is not a new concept, and the march towards the modern workplace has been upon us for a while. 

So what is a modern workplaceA modern workplace empowers staff to get their work done outside the physical restraints of a traditional officeemployees are on-the-go, working from wherever, whenever, often on devices of their own choice.  

Now, more than ever, businesses need to be focusing on making sure they provide the tools and technology to enable remote working with a work-from-home kit. A good work-from-home kit should maximise staff productivity by equipping them with the right tools. Typically, they should include all the essentials needed in a home office: 

  • Monitor(s) 
  • Keyboard 
  • Mouse 
  • Cables 
  • USB hub/dock 
  • Webcam 

One of the challenges this presents to businesses is the logistics of getting the equipment required for effective remote working into the hands of tens, hundreds, or thousands of their staff. A company-issued laptop is usually handed over in the office, but what about monitors, docking stations, and peripherals? These accessories have become critical to get the most out of employees’ time working from home but are too bulky for staff to take home themselves. 

Here at The Missing Link, we have worked on numerous work-from-home kit projects – we tackle this challenge by taking care of the whole process for you: 


1. Procurement of the required hardware 

Our purchasing team orders the stock in bulk from our suppliers to make sure you get the best price possible, and the stock is delivered on time. 


2. Warehousing 

We coordinate, store, and package the bulk stock from our suppliers into individually tailored work-from-home kits ready to be shipped. 


3. Branding and Customisation 

To enhance the user experience, at a minimum, we recommend that each kit includeeasy to follow, branded instructions on how to assemble the workstation. Opportunities for branding and customisation are only limited by our client’s imaginations though! Some examples include: 

  • thank you, or encouragement letter from management. 
  • Branded inner/outer packaging using client’s logo or brand colours. 
  • Inclusion of other promotional items such as company mugs, pens, or notepads. This can help staff feel connected to your brand whilst while working away from the office. 

4. Delivery 

The Missing Link help arrange shipping for the kits anywhere in Australia using consumer-friendly couriers (those who can leave a message in the letterbox or arrange pickup at a local post office if the employee is not home). We manage all tracking details, change of address requests, as well as escalations for tracking and locating unsuccessful or late deliveries. 


5. Support 

Once delivered, we can provide support to your staff to help them set up their equipment, or solve problems related to its use


Our work-from-home kits have helped customers to address the infrastructure and productivity needs of their employees quickly and effectively. If you are thinking of providing a work-from-home kit to your staff, and need some assistance, please feel free to reach out to talk to one of our IT specialists.  


Ashley Steadman

Account Director