Are you ready for Red Team Attack?

Posted by Bec Ney on Oct 29, 2015 12:00:00 AM
Bec Ney

Are you ready for Red Team Attack?

The Missing Link has a new security offering, Red Team Attack Simulation, designed to simulate a real world attack on your business. This new offering provides the latest, most accurate and effective way for organisations to elevate their defensive capabilities to the highest levels.

Put your defensive capabilities to the test.

These days, threats are everywhere. Did you know that on average a threat lays undiscovered for 205 days? That’s 205 days a breach could dwell undetected in your systems gleaning critical business information and data. In addition 69% of all breaches are discovered by an external party, not someone at your business. Is your business at risk from having its critical data compromised by external threats?

The objective behind Red Teaming is to identify the most critical component of the business and attempt to gain access to the resource in the same manner that a real world attacker would attempt. The Missing Link’s methodology is based on years of malware research and post-attack forensic knowledge to accurately simulate known advanced persistent threat attack behaviours.

Red Teaming is heavily focussed around business critical components, which are unique to each company. The attack is guided by the organisation to focus on the most critical information that can pose the highest threat to business. The simulation is a co-operative service allowing the organisation a behind-the-scenes overview of the attack, communicating with the Red Team, monitoring the defensive team and evaluating the controls around the chosen objective.

Is your organisation ready for Red Team Attack? Contact us to test your defensive capabilities by engaging the latest and most accurate testing methods.



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