Are cloud managed networks right for my business?

Posted by Rudy Mitra on Apr 23, 2019 12:54:36 PM
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Are cloud managed networks right for my business?

For most businesses, the answer is yes. The ease of deployment, ability to scale as your needs change and automatic updates make cloud managed networks very enticing. Beyond that, they also go a long way towards reducing expenditure and providing mobility for employees (which is great for securing and retaining the most skilled staff).

Let’s look at a few of those advantages individually:


Ease of deployment

Devices used for cloud networking are setup with the right information prior to install, so it’s an easier process. Once the device is setup on the network, it will securely connect with the control centre and the configuration is downloaded automatically. Combined with the reduction or removal of IT resources in remote locations, it can mean that devices are setup and ready to go almost immediately. In the case of products like Cisco Meraki, they are designed for zero touch deployment.



Probably one of the best-known benefits of cloud, also applies to cloud managed wireless networks. You can scale your network up or down from a single platform to suit your current needs - increasing to manage an urgent need or reducing back when times are quieter. This not only helps drive productivity, it can also save money for your business in the long run.


Automated updates

Software updates are pushed out via the cloud, reducing the load for your IT team. With Cisco you can create user-defined windows for updates to occur, so that you’re never interrupted by unexpected maintenance during your regular work hours.


Cost savings

As noted above, being able to increase and reduce usage can create cost savings by buying only what you need. In addition to this, taking resourcing and infrastructure offsite can also save your business a lot of money in the medium to long term. SaaS modelling also allows for payments over time, rather than large, upfront costs.

There are, however, some occasions where cloud managed networks do exceed the cost of an on-premise solution, so care should be taken to assess the total cost of the solution. We’ve got a great team of experts here at The Missing Link that can assess your needs and recommend the right solution for you.



It’s now commonplace for many businesses to have a workforce that is geographically dispersed. Whether your business has two offices in the same suburb or multiple locations around the world, there is a need to have easy access to systems so that employees can work to their potential.

It’s also true that Australia is short on specialist IT staff in certain areas, so offering the flexibility to work from home, outside the 9 to 5 or from overseas, makes it much easier to find and retain the best staff.


The Missing Link has a team of experts that can assess your current needs, plan for your future and roll out a solution within your budget. Talk to us to determine what you can do to improve your service offering, while saving money for your business.


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