Business Continuity Plans and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Recovery and continuity planning is critical for your business. When a disaster strikes, you want to be in control of the situation and not scrambling to find solutions which could lead to costly mistakes and forced decisions.

Typically, disaster recovery plans are used in the event of IT failure, a data breach, a power outage or human error, while continuity plans are needed when your entire business (including your premises) is compromised. If your business is not prepared for a disaster, you risk losing data, profits, reputation and clients. Be prepared for any situation with thorough plans that are reliable and have been tested before the disaster strikes.


Stay in control with our disaster recovery & business continuity plans

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Be compliant

Meet all regulatory and client compliance requirements with the correct processes, solution and documentation. 

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Expert knowledge

We have over 20 years' experience implementing, reviewing and testing disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Our infrastructure and security experts are well-placed to advise you on risk and redundancy. 

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Restore & failover testing

We offer manual or automatic restore and failover testing so you can rest assured your recovery process will work as and when needed. 

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Fully customisable

No two businesses are the same, and neither are any two disaster recovery or continuity plans. We tailor plans to your unique needs.

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We're agile

With 24/7 support we understand when a disaster strikes we need to react with a level of urgency that it deserves. We want your business to be up and running as soon as possible.

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More choice

Choose your level of service; we can undertake a complete risk analysis of your business, or review and test the plan you already have in place.

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Secure your data

We can store your data offsite, and in multiple locations. Our data centres have ISO 27001, PCI DSS and SOC 1 Type II compliance. 

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Know your downtime

It's critical that you know how long you can afford to be down for and how much data you can afford to lose, we’ll do a full analysis to understand your unique business requirements.

“We've been using The Missing Link for over 8 years for projects and helpdesk support. We had issues in downtime in our stores so we approached The Missing Link to do a new network infrastructure project. For us, downtime is a big deal and we don't accept any in our stores. With The Missing Link we came up with a project that saw us reduce downtime. If a customer comes into a store and we can't service them because we are down, that's bad for our brand. We know that with zero downtime and The Missing Link on board that's not going to happen.”

Chris Reid

Chief Information Officer, Hallenstein Glasson

Our disaster recovery checklist

  • Complete business analysis & risk assessment
  • Complete disaster recovery plan and/or business continuity plan
  • Review and test your current disaster recovery plan and/or business continuity plan
  • Compliance & regulatory checks
  • Meet regulatory requirements such as APRA and ASIC
  • SLA 99.9%

Our disaster recovery partners

We partner with over 100 leading-class vendors so you get the best solution for your business every time.


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