Cyber Security Awareness Training

The Missing Link provides tailored, modular Cyber Security Awareness Programs, utilising technology from our preferred partners, Proofpoint and Knowbe4. Encompassing:

  • Simulated phishing
  • Online training
  • Classroom training
  • Executive briefings
  • Attack / breach simulation workshops.

All of which are trackable, analysed and reportable. Get in touch with our Cyber Security Training Specialist to see how we can help secure your business.

With clients across all sectors, our tried and tested methodology ensures we target each and every person in a contextual, relevant and continuous program - the only way to truly result in an improved Cyber Security culture.

We believe one of the weakest links in an organisations security is their own staff. This is supported in part by the Australian Government's Notofiable Data Breach NDB scheme, who quote that 35% of all reported breaches in the past year were caused by human error.

Attackers (Nation-state, criminal, hacktivists, insiders) are all motivated by different targets/objectives. The training helps you understand who your potential attackers are and what they want, once you can do that you’re better positioned to strengthen your defences in a targeted manner. This should be done as a holistic exercise encompassing technology, people and process. Cyber Security Awareness Training is a critical part of strengthening your people defence layer.

Phishing is very easy, minimum effort and risk for the attackers. All it takes for an attacker to be successful is a single email, if the attacker has done their research on the intended receiver, it will be contextual and well-timed. If (and often they are) the receiver is tricked, the attacker will attain their goal and the receiver is tricked into exposing the business, often invalidating your insurance, through providing information, access to systems/data or approving fraudulent payments. For more information contact our Cyber Security Awareness Training Specialist today.

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A full list of our Assessment Services is located below.

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Why do you need Cyber Security Awareness Training?

Next generation firewall

Identify cyber threats

Provide employees with the ability to understand and identify common security threats.

Content security

Better cyber decisions

Enable them to make the right decision when they identify a threat.

Application security

Improve your cyber security

Strengthen the weakest layer in your cyber security – your staff.

stroke (4).svg

Protects data

Ultimately better protect your sensitive data.

"Our first engagement with The Missing Link was for a full security review and penetration test throughout our entire environment. We used The Missing Link to identify what our risks and exposures were and what we needed to do to resolve those. The Missing Link came onsite to undertake that work. They were very consultative, dependable and accurate and they presented a roadmap for us going forward."

Mitch Owens

Chief Information Officer, Gilbert + Tobin

Our service options

  • Red-Team Attack Simulation (RTAS)
  • Red-Teaming
  • Electronic and Physical Social Engineering
  • Penetration Testing
  • Secure Operating Environment (SOE) Assessment
  • Incident Response & Management Training
  • ISO27k Rapid Assessment
  • Privacy Impact Assessment
  • Security Architecture Services
  • APRA CPS234 Assessment

Technology partners

We partner with over 160 leading-class vendors so you get the best solution every time.


Is it time for Security Awareness Training?

Protect your Staff and Business


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